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I merged 2 threads and things got a little screwed up lol So I added Johns first post to his right here :

This is the official thread for the Tahoe build off :) we hope you enjoy these builds as much as we do!

So we are doing a little friendly competition between Sky High and DC Audio.

A few things fell into place and we ended up having GM SUVS dropped off at the same time so we decided to make some fun out of it.

Rusty, his team, and DC Audios build will consist of the DC Audio Yukon 4 M1 LVL 6 18s with the aluminum baskets. 4 DC Audio 5Ks and a B pillar wall; just to name a few things.

The Sky High's Tahoe will have 6 Lvl 6 m2 18s with aluminum cone and 4 DC 10ks in a B pillar wall.

Rusty and I (Jon) will be both posting pics along the road to crushing every other Tahoe on the west coast.

DC Audio and Sky High have a pretty good and close knit relationship if you guys did not know. This is a friendly build and we are only out to have fun and get some recognition out there for the amazing products going into the builds.

So please enjoy the builds and your input is greatly appreciated.

See you at Lake County Car Audio with both these builds for the finale!!

And Mine starts here - So Alot of you might remember the DC Yukon, Well its at the shop and were going to wall it. Not 100% sure what the plan is but for right now I just removed everything so i can start to measure out the shell. its got for gear (well before I took it all out)

(2) 175.4

(4) 5.0

(4) M1 Lv6's

(2) Alts

(2) Strong Stinger 2150's, The rest of the 2150s are dead and will need to be replaced. The Yukon sat for a while and the battery's are now toast

So Im not sure if it will go flat wall, clam shell, 4th order, 6th order. Part of it will depend on the square footage we end up with.

On with pics of my progress today


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