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More Goodies from SMD & D'Amore (VM-1HV, TM-1, TM-2, OM-1)

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Definitely interested in the temp gauges, and possibly the OM-1 Gauge. Although i have a Vu-Din, this would be pretty cool too.

I'm waiting for an answer to Knowledge's question too. :popcorn:

And since noone has asked, I'll just get it out of the way. What are the projected prices of these items please? Keep it up guys, I'm saving money for more!!

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im thinking if you glue the thermocuple to the radiator you could possibly sense engine temp with the temp guage, i would also love for tony to make some custom guage like fuel and what knot, man if u did make tacomitors i think they would fly off the shelfs to car guys,

i love the look of analog meters but with the accuracy of digital meters, some sweet stuff ya'll have come up with, great work, and they look sick as hell

now if a vu din mount with a separate circuit board so u could maby put a temp and voltage guage in the middle of the 2 would be sick as hell looking, dunnot how much trouble it would be tho,

here's a link to my system 99 toyota tacoma , 2 mtx 8000 1504's in a sealed downfire , 1000w memphis amp

here's a link to my other system my 90 geo prizm test car

heres a thread i got of new songs u can dl that are legal = Some Good Bangage/you Can Dl These Free And Legit


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I need a TM2 very badly right now!

Whats the chances of getting one anytime soon?

Btw VERY clever products here fellas...

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Kickin' Cruiser

Seller Feedback

Stage 3
Dash, Door Panels,
4th Order wall 4 - 15's
on a DC 5.0K 2 DC 5.0K's

Solo X 15 (v.2) Sub Build

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When will we get to buy these goodies?

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On 5/21/2015 at 7:07 PM, boom50cal said:

of course he gives no fucks. it's a ford ranger.

only bad mother fuckers drive ford rangers

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More info on the output meter? What exactly is its purpose? (noob question lol)

Love how the all turn on :)

It is similar to another product we have, the VU-DIN. It gets connected to your amplifier output (speaker terminal). Once properly calibrated, it works like an indicator of how close to maximum output your amplifier is. Like a tachometer for your engine, this lets you know when your amplifier is "hitting the redline". You can use multiple units, put one on each speaker output and monitor your entire system.

I was just gonna message you.. but, you nailed my questions.....

Im assuming you can "properly calibrate" it with the DD1 yes??? Very very cool......I REALLY want one on my 10k letting me know...

This will be my next buy.

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NEED this output meter. checking in everyday for release dates...

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