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Voting has started - Discovery Channel International

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Done boss good luck on that


06 Trailblazer ss

2 Team shok industries tsx 18s
Phoenix Gold ''THE ONE''
2 Phoenix gold 800.4
4 crescendo mp6.
2 crescendo mp8
bass processor

Dc power 270xp

150ft 1/0 ofc sky high cable
1 juicebox lithium 0.5kwh 14v/40ah
kenwood dnx8120
YouTube channel : REaudioxxx1
build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/160106-trailblazer-ss-xxx/

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I just realized that video was one of the first ones I've ever watched that got me into car audio....

Nothing for now...

Did you get that scar tissue when you got your vagina installed?

I'd grab Adam's ass and look him in the eyes for a demo of nates truck.

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155 votes already :rofl:

i shook this one kids hand and it just folded in mine. long story short i fucked his girlfriendso.. yeah..

You want this to happen to you? Give decent handshakes people.

I was gifted with an innate ability to distribute wholesale ass beatings in a timely and orderly fashion.
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Done big homie....good luck!

if you put a DD-1 in your amp terminal and it immediately went up in smoke, i would be concerned.

If you shoved your dick in the terminal and it didn't blow up but a month later it blew up, i STILL WOULDN'T be able to blame your dick.

It just does not make sense at all.

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