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Will a D2700 and 160a Alt be enough for 3000w rms?

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I have a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.7L Hemi and stock 160a alternator, big 3 upgrade with 1/0 ofc. I will be installing a 3000w rms system (two 1100w rms mono amps and one 800w rms 4 channel). My stock battery group is 94R (11.9L x 6.88W x 7.48H). However, I have a little room to spare in the battery tray - about 1" in length and 2" in height. From looking at the XS Power website, it looks like the D6500 and D2700 should fit in the stock starting battery location, but the D3100 looks to be a bit too long.

I am thinking three possible options that I need your guys help with:

1) Do you guys think the D2700 and my stock 160a alternator will keep up for daily use while the truck is running (don't plan to listen to music with the truck off)?

2) If I can make the D3100 fit, would a single D3100 and the stock 160a alternator be enough?

3) If stock alt and D2700 (or D3100) is not enough, could I get away with a 275a alternator (Singer or DC Power) and a single D2700 battery?

I still have my backseat in my truck. There is no space in the backseat for extra batteries due to the sub box being under the seats and the amp rack being behind the seats, so finding a place for an extra battery would be difficult if not impossible.

Thanks guys!

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3100 won't fit in stock location in Chrysler dodge jeep without heavy mods its about 1-3/4 inch to tall go for the 6500

he wouldnt be the first to say they did a 167 with a system like that (one that clearly DOESNT), but i have to say, he didnt beat me anywhere, ive never competed against the guy. If he thinks his does a 167, mine would probably put him in a coma. :hairtrick:

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You may want to consider a ho alt.. my boy runs a crescendo 3.5k on a 180 alt stock.up front and a big group 31 batt in.back and it does alright... better to be safe than.sorry... what amps are you running?

1999 grand prix gt

kenwood x994 head unit

1/0 big 3 all shok industry single run to the back

New mid/highs coming not sure what

Soundqubed q2200d at .5 (have)

2 soundqubed hdc3 12s (have)

New box to be built.. sealed firing forward (yet to be designed)

200 amp alt not sure exact size or manufactor xs power batts

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THEKINGsBACK - Ok. From looking on the XS power website, the D6500 measures 11.8 x 6.81 x 7.25, and the D2700 measures 12.09 x 6.65 x 8.31 (L x W x H). The D6500 has MAX Amps – 3900, CA – 1070A RC – 150min. Ah – 75, whereas the D2700 has MAX Amps – 4300 CA – 1170A RC – 185min. Ah – 100. So you think the D2700 being 3/4 of an inch taller than stock won't fit?

Would a single D6500 and the stock 160a alternator be sufficient?

2000s-10 - the mono amps are new Hifonics brx1100.1d and the 4 channel is an MTX 7804. The monos will each power a sa-12 d2 and the 4 channel powers (4) JBLGTO938 6x9s. Amp gain with be professionally set with oscilloscope.

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im attempting 3k for the past year ive been running 2 apsm 1500's on 1 90 amp alt, and 4 rear batteries i drop to 12.9 daily

Jeep Cherokee 4dr -4.75 in front, new rusty's 4.5 in rear leafs -micky thompson 35x14.50x15 -locker rear -Rusty's offroad Engine/transmission/transfer case/crossmember/gas tank skid plates -Warn front bumper with 8000lb winch -Custom rear bumper -Warrior product tube doors (summertime) -Optima redtop (starter) -26XK miles and still runs like a bat out of hell

Kenwood H/U

1/0 wire,

136 amp alt 200 ah batteries 12.7 daily

2 Apsm 1500 @ 2 ohm strapped on zv3 d1 with ns softparts

Mb quart 125.4 wired to 4 aura 6's

3.6 cube box tuned to 36 plays down to 23hz

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