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How do i get ahold of Sundown?

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I used to be a rep back in 08, was told by Jacob if i even needed anything let him know. Recently(2 months ago) my place of employment was called a few times by a rep, John? wanting us to sign on with sundown audio. We went through all the procedures sent in all our paperwork and even got an email form a Debbie asking to call and she would finalize our order....

The number Debbie gave us is ALWAYS unavailable to recieve calls at this time.

We've sent our paperwork in on 2 different occasions now and cannot get anywhere, John has called us back asking how we like our product....we reply with we havent got any.

ive emailed sundownz, we've replied to the email we recieved, and we have tried to get in touch using the number provided. We'd love to sell your product in our brick and mortar store but would love some open way of getting product unlike one of the other companies we havent been able to get ahold of in months as well.

Who or how do i get some progress?

our phone numbers are 559-229-0123 and 559-449-0123 email is [email protected]

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