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So this happened...


Sucks like a mofo that this happened... but I guess it was time to move on..

However I already picked up a temp sub; 18" Fi BTL w/ UFO motor. Also picked up some new goodies. An xp3000 for STUPID cheap and the TM blocks came free.



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nice man!

if you're going through subs left and right you might want to back off the gain a little man.

I'm not though.. plus, why? LOL

nice man!

LOL Thanks.

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Awesome build, I want a pair of 18's so bad, need to see about selling my 12's first though. I like what you've done with making the hybrid 18's. Keep up the great work!


-Fully dipped anthracite grey pt cruiser

-4 skar vvx 12's (version 1)

-Mechman 240 amp alt -Big three in Cadence 1/0

-1 deka intimidator g31 blacktop under the hood

-1 C&D 140ah Batt & 1 C&D 55ah batt in the rear

-Re audio/soundstream mids and highs

-Hifonics Zues 600.4

-DC Audio 3.5k

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  • 2 weeks later...

Swapped my tires over the weekend. I also raised the rear end of my toaster up to install the Airlift 1000 helper bags posted earlier in the build. Adds an additional 1000lbs of "help" so I can carry more weight. I'd rather sacrifice the low to be able to carry more audio.






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Nice work. You have some pretty good ideas with your Scion. After seeing yours, I put a camera in the rear window wiper spot as well lol. I need to find a good deal on a used HO alternator, but not many people with our car have them lol. I am trying to avoid having to mess with my suspension. So far, even after walling off the back (4" behind c-pillar) with about 10 cubes of birch box I am still ok sitting pretty level.

Your setup seems to get better and better all the time.

2006 Scion xB

2 Sundown SA12D2

Ported at 32hz

147 on non termlab (140-142 on TL)

Currently in a walled 4th @ 50hz (not metered yet)

Hifonics brz2100

Alpine Type-S Components

Kicker 300.2

Big 3 / Skyhigh 1/0 cca

Optima Blue Top

3 e8s ported at 32hz

135.1 sealed on dash @ 56hz

135.0 outlaw (I must have chosen song poorly lol)

Build log

'Brandon15zzz', on 09 May 2012 - 3:13 PM, said:snapback.png

May have been clipping but none fucks were givin.

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did you find the ride got a bit more bouncy after the bags were put it?

or is it just me? ... maybe I need to pick up some new shocks..

fisigggg.JPEG?raw=1 Crossfire_Car_Audio2_265_zpsd219cf51.PNG ablogo_zps4c550ed1.PNG?raw=1 download%204_zpsecsgajxi.JPG?raw=1 Audison-Logo_zps3f7b2a7f.JPG?raw=1 sundown_bg2_zps1d0951fc.JPG?raw=1 orionsmalllogosig_zpsf8d08612.PNG?raw=1 KaptionLogo_zps06c2a555.JPG?raw=1 


Wanna ride bikes?

On 9/16/2017 at 3:28 AM, Jake Pace said:

Oh i know how a 12v system works I did take 3 years of electronics in High school hands on and some in college and also worked on cars in college an always got A's to B's in each class. 

But oh well enough dealing with ppl who have probably not even lived as long as ive been into electronics!

On 7/8/2013 at 4:01 AM, Banshee421 said:

Do horns get low

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did you find the ride got a bit more bouncy after the bags were put it?

or is it just me? ... maybe I need to pick up some new shocks..

Ride way smoother but then again it could be because I went from 18s to the stock 15s. But I do have new shocks & struts in as well.

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Sorry I didn't read every post but most of all them. Or you going to recone your X 18 sundown ? Just wondering because that a sweet sub. I tell you this you seem to go balls out on every thing like us man do. My truck is daily and is all system. I don't have a the best stuff but it gets down well enough for me. Wife want set in it said it stops her heart no bs.

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