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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to US! SMD Forum is now 7!

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I was a year and a month late to the party but man has it been a great time ever since. Well, most of the time unless i had to turn into Teh Nazi Mod lol

Daily Driver 1999 Kia Sephia

Kenwood DNX-893s
Audison Bit One Processor
2 Dat 4.125's
Sundown Audio SCV-6k
Hertz hsk-165xl's Mids running active                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Focal V30 Series Tweeters running active 
Sundown Sa-8 v1's in the doors
2 Sundown Zv5 12's 
Lots of Hushmat
Big 3+ and 3 + & 3- runs of Trystar 2/0
2 Dc Power Engineering 320 HP Alts

2017 Comp Vehicle
2006 Toyota 4 Runner
Kenwood Excelon DNX-893s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Audison Bit One HD DSP
4 Sundown Sa 6.5v2 Component Sets 
Focal Access 6.5 2 ways
Sundown Audio Sax-50.4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sundown Audio Sax-100.4
2 Dc Power 370xp
Northstar agm27f
Northstar agm65
2 Northstar asmagm 480's
2 Dual 1 Sundown Nightshade v3 12's
2 Sundown SCV-7500's
All SMD Fuse Holders
Shitload Of Sundown 1/0

120 sq ft Second Skin Damp Pro

No, Its Not A Burp Truck!!!!

2016 Season 3rd place in Xtreme 1 At Finals

2016 Season 6th Place In Kaos 1 At Finals ( Blew The Subs Up In First Round Eliminations)

2 Kansas State Records Set In 2016 In Xtreme 1 And Kaos 1 In Midwest SPL


David said:

audio is a lifestyle, not a hobby

I cant read a tape to save my life... 1/2's are ok, but other marks confuse me
only men who cant read a tape, take it in the ass
you sir, get a pink hard hat on jobsites

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January 2011...and damn I have 3100 posts? Didn't even realize! Lol

Congrats Steve, looking forward to seeing the site grow even more :good:

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Been a member since i turned 16. I remember back when I had no clue a box did anything for a sub. Now I'm trying to grab hold of the whole box building method. Just gotta get that math down. I know I'll have it all good for the 8'th anniversary, and still working on it by the 10 year. I don't see my obsession with car audio going anywhere as long as I have to drive somewhere.

Learned every little bit of my knowledge from this forum. Been an amazing 9 months of membership!


Krakin's Home Dipole Project


Krakin, are you some sort of mad scientist?

I would have replied earlier, but I was measuring the output of my amp with a yardstick . . .

What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself

but what has drawn your attention

in the two streams of superimposed air pressure variations at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space

Everyone learns to render the 3-dimensional localization of sound based on the individual shape of their ears,

thus no formula can achieve a definite effect for every listener.

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Been on here since '08 and without the knowledge base here I would have never known how to properly build speaker pods, an enclosure or how to properly tune a system. So thanks to everyone with a deeper knowledge and creative imagination that inspired me to love the audioz that much more.

My first avatar was my caddy then after my pump in the 'Stan I changed it to what it is now when I was giving the Taliban demos with HEDP. The "boom" the SMD round made was louder than the rest for some reason.

Congratulations Steve and a tip of the hat to the admins, mods and og's that keep this site so badthefuckass.

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Good times, great times, funny times, sad times, all together this forum has been through alot and helped people beyond just audio related. A great family indeed.

I hate long signatures....

...what the fuck is wrong wiht you you fucking fuckity fuck fuck head...

Mtnbikecrazy55 Feedback

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