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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to US! SMD Forum is now 7!

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I've only been a member for about 8 days.. already meeting people wanting to meet up for demo's of my budget set up or needing tuning help with my DD-1.. from the looks of things, I'll be here forever.. love this site

and btw.. I've got nothing but compliments on a budget system I thought was going to be talked down on. the quality of people on here is amazing.

hope you're not pissed I put a SMD sticker on my POS.. at least it does hair tricks..ha

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98 Malibu

2 HDC3 12's

2 Lanzar Opti4001d's strapped @ .5ohm each

Pioneer 6500 hu

220 amp Powermax alt

Juicebox group 31 (and a couple napa group 31's. few more on the way)

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I found this site one night when I was scrolling through Rockford Fosgates archived files and rolled across Chicken's Caddy build. I read the entire thread over quite a few hours. I'm pretty sure I never blinked the whole time and my eyes were sore as FUCK before going to bed. I've only been an active member for a couple of years, but the knowledge I've gained here is priceless. Thanks to all of who have helped and all who may potentially help in the future, whoever you are. This is a great community and I'm very thankful for it. As long as my hands still work, I'll be turning a wench, guiding a saw, brushing on resin, or crimping some wire. Here's to 7 more:)

Thank you Steve for such a kickass, chill place.

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Im not the one you want to try to troll. Just a fyi for you.

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Been into car audio since the early 90's. It seemed to have feel off for a while even though I always had a system. Then I wanted to hurt people. Looked up who was still making 18's. Youtube gave me Meade putting a FI through his Honda back window. Been here ever since. Thanks for bringing car audio back and making sure it goes no where.

I wish every body had beat so I wouldnt have to turn my shit down. Fosgate for life running there shit since I was 16 going on 15 years strong. Not stopping any time soon.

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Haven't been here long but loving it. Long live smd

750??! Yeah, fuck that. Fuck this website, fuck SMD, fuck Steve, fuck all of his butt buddy mods, and their couches.


Team Subsonic Lows

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On a side note.....I never had an urge to cut a hole in my truck for a blowthrough before coming to this forum before. So it's a blessing AND it's a curse. More of a blessing though

P.S. My truck wrote me a handwritten letter and it said," Thanks a fuckin bunch!"

Im not the one you want to try to troll. Just a fyi for you.

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Happy Birthday SMD!!!!!

Cannot believe i have been here almost 5 years myself and was just under the 10k member mark and now it has grown to just shy of 60k members.

This is one of, if not the best forums out there.

01 Ford focus ZX3

Pioneer AVH-X491BHS

PPI PC 4800.2

Morel Maximo 6.5" x2

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