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On 10/8/2021 at 8:02 AM, SnowDrifter said:

Finally got another bike after someone cut the fucking lock off my last one.... Went a little crazy and did a thing...

Have another couple bits and bobs to wrap up on it, but it's there and rideable. Bigger brakes, storage baggie. Going to do some shenanigans with the rear hub to get my gear range back since I only have a single front sprocket now.

It's a fucking blast to ride. And it's pretty nice not having to pay out the ass for parking lmao.

Definitely not taking chances with this one. Have a fat ass fucking chain lock, U-lock, motion sensing alarm on it, and the thing comes inside with me when I'm home. Want to put GPS tracking on it, but have yet to find a tracker that tickles my fancy. Open to suggestions if anyone knows of anything - goal being to have something hidden in the frame or otherwise concealable, 7d+ battery life, <$10/mo subscription cost, and doesn't look like the manufacturer is going out of business (only 2 I found that I liked, the company is all but MIA).

1500w mid drive, 650wh battery. Get about 20mi on a charge riding like a bat out of hell. Closer to 40-50 if I'm reasonable







broke the frame on this one

New frame time

This thing is like the ship of Theseus. As of now, the original parts from the donor bike are: handle bars, stem, pedals, chain.

New frame time. With some hilarious branding



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Which one of y’all got your priorities straight. Lol 


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"98crewcab"Never a POS....just always "a work in progress" lol that's how we roll bitches!!!

Your a lowlife kid. I bet your mother wants to kill herself for not swallowing your ass.

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