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most drag trucks**
usually because, they put a larger turbo on, and cant spool it till RPMs get up, BUT the smoke will only clear, once theres boost...

my truck, 95 cummins.. no programer can be used, all tunned threw the AFC housing..

if i lug it down and lock the converter, i can clear out a road ( perfect for tailgaters ;) ) now as soon as it hits 5-10psi boost, it will clear to just a haze, and thats with 140/150hp injectors.

1998 gmc extd cab

12 crossfire C710s

4 SAZ-4500s

3 Singer 400A alts
buncha mids/highs

Team Asshole

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Lane AKA HeroKight

'96 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4x4

R.I.P. Molliboo

$200 for new tires, on a jeep!? Is she stealing them or building them with a heat gun and rubber bands?

You hear that????

That's a category 5 shit storm coming

n8: hey you doing today. What's it like being a bitch? you can pm me if you'd like to explain why you arent one. Just like you did for your vs threads.

^^^Rules. Follow them.^^^

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t-line door pods.

I actually really want to hear these


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