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Wife got a 70d and has been doing photos for out friends. Got it mostly to take pictures of out daughter. I took the ones with her in them. IF you dont know she is the blonde..im in my dress blues and the rest our just randoms of our friends.






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MY BUILD *****http://tinyurl.com/gmcbuild*****


2005 GMC Canyon

CB1000r - Currently where any future funds are going. (exhasut,bazzaz, ohlins shock, screen, etc.)

crf250r - Used to be race bike..now I just trail ride..practice at the track on it.

CH80 - Daily beater (when nice weather)best 150$ ever spent. 100+mpg

Sold to:

Skullz - pstone11 - Leo1103 - Volvo 63' - pavelpardo - imnew59585

Shower farts still piss me off.

I think theyre pretty neat. When the water runs down your crack as you let one out... its like shitting in a crockpot.
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These are some old pics

Got rid of my rims finally


And we drove this trailer like this from El Paso Tx to chico ca


2008 TahoeHU-PioneerMids/Highs amp- sundown 200.4Mids/Highs- hertz xls, hertz ml 700, audison voce tweetsAmp-2 AQ 3500sSubs-FI SP418sAlt-singer 350Big 3 1/0


Build Log

UBL My YouTube channel

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The sad part about tesla is a lot of the things he did got credited to other people and science in general has forgotten about him.

That being said a lot of people's definition of "music" is a clipped 30 hz sine wave with some 80 IQ knuckle head grunting about committing crimes and his genitals.

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Thanks alaskanzx5 I might just do that
I can recone a sub myself. About a year ago I took 2 12" power acoustic mofos and made one sub. I took the magnet and the motor off of one and j b welded it to the other motor and magnet. I had to wind my own voice coil so it would work. After I was done hooked up to 2 boss 5000w amps. And shattered my back and all my side windows

came to this thread to recommend soundqubed and ct sounds. OP goes with soundstream.

oh lawd.

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You can get a small fire extinguisher for less than those two bottles of prestone, just saying...

2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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The no fucks given Rx7

It has a multimeter for a gas gauge too...

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Alpine Type S comps

Alpine Type S 10''

Alpine MPR-F300

Alpine MRX-M50

Mechamn 270

XS Power d3400s


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