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View from the main mast of my ship

is this virginia??? nice picture. i miss the deployment days. if you don't mind what is your rate???
Yes, Norfolk, VA, BAE Shipyard. I am an electronics technician. Are you former navy or just on shore duty?
That's awesome man I can't wait to get to my first boat. My wife hates the idea but I'm going to try my best to get on the jimmy carter..but if I cant I am hoping to end up on a boomer or ssgn.

MY BUILD *****http://tinyurl.com/gmcbuild*****


2005 GMC Canyon

CB1000r - Currently where any future funds are going. (exhasut,bazzaz, ohlins shock, screen, etc.)

crf250r - Used to be race bike..now I just trail ride..practice at the track on it.

CH80 - Daily beater (when nice weather)best 150$ ever spent. 100+mpg

Sold to:

Skullz - pstone11 - Leo1103 - Volvo 63' - pavelpardo - imnew59585

Shower farts still piss me off.

I think theyre pretty neat. When the water runs down your crack as you let one out... its like shitting in a crockpot.
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Would you believe me if I said there were no dash lights?


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