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I will put 8 screws in each sub. I've fucked up a bunch of speakers with a drill

put your hand in the way of the surrounds. This way if you do go hail mary into the fucking speaker itll hit your hand.

easier to put a bandaid on a hand than recone a sub

lmao... this is funny as fuck

its also cheaper to replace a sub than a hand

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Some of you probably saw this on FB or Twitter but last week this girl was riding in this jeep down Chancellors Walk at UNC Wilmington. Needless to say she got a lot of attention.



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2001 Saturn L200
-Sony MEX-BT4100P
- (4) Crescendo PWX 6
- Cadence XA250.2
-Fi Audio BL 15 (Sealed Off)
-Crescendo BC2k
- Singer 240A alt

- XS Power D3400
- SkyHigh OFC power/speaker wire
- Big 3 with SkyHigh 0gauge
Build Log: Click Here

Scores: 146.5db @ 29hz Outlaw

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