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Needs bigger shoes but that could be a deal on a Tahoe limited. Something's wrong with it.

Price has me concerned also. The bag system alone on the blue one cost more than that entire rig. Something is up. I feel. Maybe not. But,...

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That's an RC haha

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2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 club cab - Sold 2004 Audi S4 Avant

- Fi and Crescendo - Stock Bose System

- http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/147725-2002-dodge-dakota-end-of-the-road/?hl=%202002%20%20dakota

136.4 Sealed @ 29hz

137.0 Drivers window open @ 26hz

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You got a job. You live at home. You probably have more expendable income than I do.

shit if I still lived at home I'd be dailying a Gallardo or mp4-12c

Used to have a loud truck

2009 Corvette Z06, H/C/I, 150 shot, g force tune, 730rwhp/690rwtq

2013 F-150 limited, MPT Tune, leveled on 35"s

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