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You still need a background check to purchase firearms. This is the right way to do gun laws. Unconstitutional to require permits to carry, concealed or not. I hope this happens in cali, but it wont.

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You live in California you have no rights. It's safe to say you won't have to be a part of the other 42 states with freedoms. 


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I personally dont feel there is anything wrong with background checks, I wish they would be stricter or periodically and automatically ran so less crap makes it through.

The licensing class is kind of bogus.

The first one I did was generic to get my permit in my state, there wasnt even a test, just sit in this class for a couple hours and you get your training for your permit. Its not training by any means!

The second class I took to test for other states actually made you shoot your firearm, and talked more in depth on the laws.

There are too many idiots out there that have no idea what they are doing with a gun, like kids grabbing their pops shot gun making a video acting tough and shooting their ceiling.

One chick I know that has carried for a while doesnt even know how to field strip her gun.... IMO if you cant do that you shouldnt be able to carry.

For people in the Military, Coast Guard, Police, Army, ect I dont feel they need to take any sort of class or training as they deal with firearms on the daily.




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8 minutes ago, ToNasty said:

Weather > guns.  I'll take it

I dunno it gets pretty cold in Cali from time to time, even a few times this year already when Steve said the temp and it was colder there than here in WI.

Plus as far as the weather goes, NC, SC, TX, LA, TX, AZ, NM, FL,MS all nice weather states that dont have Cali laws.
Im sure Im missing a couple decent weather year round states, but you get the point.



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