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I am currently using only a SoundQubed 120.4 amplifier, with a set of components on the front channels, and a set of subs bridged on the rear channels. If I set both front and rear channels with the DD1 4 channel instructions, I get significantly less output through the subs. If I set the rear channel (bridged) with the DD1 sub amp instructions, the subwoofer output increases.

My question is, is it OK to set the bridged rear channels of a 4 channel with the sub tracks, if that's what I'm using the rear channels for, or should I stick to the 4 channel settings regardless? I haven't seen anyone ask about this yet.

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I think you'll be ok with that. I mean you are powering subs not speakers

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Ok, that's what I thought, but the difference in output kinda scared me. I didn't think these subs would get that loud on 300 watts. I initially set the 4 channel normally when I was running 6x9s off the rear channels. I switched to the subs later on, without changing the amp settings, and was ok with the output. For kicks, I set the rear channels with a sub track today, hooked everything back up, and was shocked at the output. Figured I better make sure tuning that way was ok. Thanks for the input.

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