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Help with box dimensions

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Okay guys so I have 2 12" pioneer champion series 309d4

I had them with a hifonics 1200 Brutus.

I recently picked up a Rockford fosgate power t1000.1bd .

I had the subs in a weak cheap vented box. It hit the highs real nice,

And idk wat it was tuned to but the amp made it bottom out when hitting low bass.

And there is no subsonic filter on the amp. The specs say its 28hz.

Correct me if I'm completely wrong,

I put them in a sealed box and I turned the gain down a little but and it stopped bottoming out.

But it's not hitting the highs as nice as it was but lows are really good now.

Now. What I need to know is what dimensions do I need to make a ported box that will respond good with these subs and this amp

Any help is very appreciated.

Oh and I want full spl. Thanks

Pioneer sub each

Seamless Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) composite cone

Dual layer, fiber reinforced elastic polymer surround

Large spring loaded, push style binding posts

High temperature voice coil

Large double stacked high energy magnets

Designed for sealed, ported, or bandpass enclosures

Recommended enclosure volume:

Sealed: 1.25 cu. ft

Ported: 1.5 cu. ft

Bandpass: 0.9 cu. ft in front / 0.9 cu. ft in rear

Frequency response: 20-220 Hz

Sensitivity: 94 dB

1-year SonicElectronix.com warranty

Rf amp

1000 Watt RMS Class BD Amplifier

RMS Power Ratings:

500 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms

750 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms

1,000 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm

Para-Punch bass EQ (0-18 dB with variable center frequency between 35-70 Hz) with wired remote control

MEHSA- High Performance Thermal management design for bigger power with more consistent thermal stabiity

MOSFET power supplies and outputs

TOPAZ - Circuit for eliminating engine noise

NOMAD - Advanced short circuit and power protection

MasterSync - allows one amplifier to manipulate another amplifier's gain, EQ, Infrasonic and crossover controls

PowerSync - Allows bd series amplifiers to be "strapped" together to create one massive power combination

variable low-pass filter (32-250 Hz, 24 dB/octave)

Infrasonic filter: 12dB/oct Butterworth alignment protects the amp from unwanted ulta-low frequency information, increasing the usable power output and reliability

RCA Preamp Outputs

Phase switch: 0 - 180 degrees

Cast aluminium heatsinks - allows more power into a smaller heatsink be allowing engineers to localize heat in specific areas

3-Stage Variable forced convection - heatsink design that keeps the amp's internal comonents cool

1/0 AWG power and ground connections with internal ANL fusing

Dimensions: 18" L x 12.8" W x 2.66" H

CEA-2006 Compliant

1-year SonicElectronix.com warranty

Product History:

The biggest I can fit in a Monte Carlo 2000 trunk, space is no problem I need no trunk.


I was thinking (lxwxh)

20L 35W 17H what do you think

This is the way the entrance of my trunk looks.

No 6x9s anymore this is an old pic


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It has a switch, I think the brutus was enough heat for those subs besides those have a tuneable subsonic filter. If you have the full dimensions of the prefab uncluding the dimensions for the port, post them, likely a lower tuning will help with the bottoming out but not with the loudness.

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Yea as for the loudness I like how this amp sounds more, to get any louder I don't care too much for it I just want the bottom out issue fixed

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