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Is this sub beyond repair?

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I have a sub that I have had sitting around for awhile and when I finally got around to installing it I found that it was bent as if it were dropped. I feel like someone in my family knocked it off the table and just picked it up. I thought it was just bent so I installed it anyway and found that it leaked air like crazy.

Anyway I took it out again and found out that its cracked, I figure I can get it reconed but the basket looks pretty bad, and I dont want to just toss it... it seems like a waste of a huge magnet and a coil.

Here are some pictures





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As long as the motor hasn't shifted just get a recone and new basket, skar should sell them but if not psi does.

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Jb weld will fix it

I had an SSD tht was dripped in shipped.. The day before slamology last year, 3 broken spokes and basket was in 3 pieces Little bit of JB weld and it held for 3 months..

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