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So you'd be using 1 of those amps per sub? Sounds like you have this cat in the bag :good:

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When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.
~Henry David Thoreau

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They said sundown just sent out their shipments a few days ago to them.. once they get them they will ship them out to us.. Im more upset with sundown. they could have shipped our order to us saving some shipping time..

We don't have your order or any information about who ordered via the SSA stocking order. Any order that we received a drop-ship order from for 10/12/15s shipped out from us.

If you have no tolerance for delay I would also agree that you shouldn't pre-order any more items. There is ALWAYS the possibility of delays on pre-orders; worst case have a back-up plan if you have shows to attend.

I understand about the delays and things but i also didnt know SSA had their own stock.. y'all made it seem like yall were shipping out ALL pre-orders straight from y'all warehouse.. but it's cool i got my tracking # 2day..

Vehicle: 2005 Kia Sorrento Ex

Head Unit: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Mids & Highs: Motorola KSN-1005s & Alpine SPR-17C Type R 6.5s

Speaker Amp: Sony XM-ZR1252

Sub Amplifier: Pure Audio 3000.1

Subwoofer: Incriminator Audio Death Penalty 21"

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Yes one amp per sub but how big should i. Go for the box im going ported off corse

For just daily music? Or?

When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.
~Henry David Thoreau

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Mikhail, is your trackin # for Zv4s or Xs? Cause I emailed SSA about my Zv4 10 and they said soon...

02 Lexus IS300 (2JZ FTW)

Mids/Highs: JL Audio C5 6.5s all around

Mids/Highs Amp: JL Audio HD 600/4

Subs: four SA-8v2s in 3.8cubes @ 32hz

Sub Amps: SAZ3k

Battery: Huge Interstate Batteries relocated to trunk

About 80ft. of 1/0 OFC....

Head Unit: Pioneer 4200NEX

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How long of a break in period do u guys think I should give my 2 X-15's on 3500 turned down low

Edited by 96burban

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Clarion NZ500 Alpine CDA-9827
3 Sundown SA-12's 2 Kenwood KFC-W3012
1 Sundown SAZ-3500 1 JL Audio 500/1v2
4 Alpine SPS-610C 4 Sony Explod
2 Alpine SPS-170A Custom iPhone/iPod Dock
1 Alpine MPR-F300 Custom upholstered seats
1 DC Power 190 amp OEM Series alt
1 Optima Redtop batt
1 Maxx start batt
0 Gauge KnuKonceptz wiring all around
Custom Chevy Xbox 360
19" LED Vizio tv

custom amp rack custom amp rack
2 Alpine SPS-610C's 4 infinity 6432cpf's
second custom Chevy Xbox 360 2 kenwood KFC-W3012's
Second Skin Damplifier Pro and more to plan!
iPad 2 dash mount




Sundown Alpine 96 Burban Build!
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