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Fact and Science have NO place in Car Audio!

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Well with D'Amore and snafu in the fight theres a hopeful chance. The videos they make and have on their youtube are undeniable and have solved many problems for me. And a nice throwback to calculus and real world math.


Built to Last

Team Sound Asleep

24Runner Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/196657-24runner-sleeper-system-lots-of-fi-neo-dd-focal-new-video-w-juicebox-lithium/

2 x 12" Fi BTL N2 / 2 x 12" Fi BTL N3

2 DD M3b

Maxwell 2.7V 3000F Supercapacitors

Pioneer DEH-80prs

Focal P165 V30 components

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I hope not to make this into a big pissing match but Tony's (haha, thats funny to say it since both of you are Tony) What if you used a voice coil out in the open as your load on an amp? Now I have never done this to test it but would your power factor be closer to 1.0? The reason I ask this is that I know your resistance changes with a voice coil being exposed to magnetism when it is in the gap but if its just sitting out and away from a magnetic source would it make a difference?

I know the ad-1 is still the ONLY way to get it right compared to "clamping" because the chances of you getting your clamp and multimeter to read at the same time without any differences in the signal being read are impossible with the different refresh rates, differences in phases being read, etc. I just more of the less wonder about that power factor if you use a voice coil which is in essence a resistor with how its wired up and being in the open if it would affect your results.

The only problem with that is the inductance of the voice coil. Voice coils present a reactive load to the output of an audio amplifier. This is actually the premise of the design of the AudioGraph Power Cube, which is an instrumental tool in the design of an amplifier. There really just isn't any way that one can "clamp" and get meaningful results. Again, this "baseline" was established incorrectly. There's just no way around this.

The car audio industry is currently inundated with non-truths. Isn't it about time that we gather a collective that will challenge these fallacies with fact?

It would be interesting to take a voice coil and put it in a bucket of water (no motor or anything else) to keep it from cooking then test the inductance.

On note of earlier topic about capacitors, yes the dynamic nature of music means changes in milliseconds, but the peaks of sine waves only take milliseconds to happen. So if you get 3400w dymanic out of a 3000w amp then you might only get 3400w for the first two cycles of the sine wave producing the sound, which means if you have 5 seconds of 35hz in a song all at once you're not getting peak reliable power which could make or break your bass race score (well not really but we're trying to be accurate about true potentials of the power circuit, right?).. so testing what size of battery bank it would take to "keep" producing full power vs the dynamic capability of the cap, and what adding the cap does when you reach that peak battery bank supply ability.

MickyMcD - "Capable of making some serious trouser flapping volumes at where's-my-testicles frequencies, the Servo-Drives used to be fairly jaw dropping..."

Any time you have have a power wire next to your frame put some rubber hosing (or cut up an innertube) around it. The wire is bound to wiggle (due to driving or flex) and the casing will eventually wear through.

Hammerdown... 1%

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