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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to get some suggestions to add more bass to my set up. I currently have a 2013 Chevy Camaro with the following gear:

  • Stock Head unit
  • Audio Control Processor
  • Alpine 4.100 4ch Amplifier
  • Alpine PDXM12 Mono Amplifier rated at 1200 to 1400 RMS
  • Polk RM component for highs
  • Kicker L7(2008 Model) in a sealed 1.5 cubic enclosure

I've heard that Kickers are loud but not good for SQL, but I've never had a frame of comparison and in my opinion it sounds good. I'm looking to do an upgrade the subwoofer to add more bass and if I follow what I've been told any of the brands I'm looking for will have better SQL. An custom enclosure will be built for the sub I choose but I have at mat 1.5 cubic feet sealed to work with (If it can be smaller that a plus). I would like some suggestions on which set up will sound louder and have better SQL when compared to the L-7. I listen mostly to rock music and in some occassion R&B. I want to buy the subwoofer new and I have a $550 budget. The set up can be dual sub or single sub and I want to keep the airspace as low as possible (1.5cubic or less. I also want a good name brand with good customer support.....

Thanks in advance for your input......

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lots of good brands. DC, sundown, DAD... you might be best with dual 12's or 10's but what ever you do stay away from mainstream junk like kicker.

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Have you thought about a real box for that l7

The problem is your talking 1.5 gross for dual 10 or 12

Sealed for 2x 10 yes maybe for 12

Ported no way for and single

Myself with only 1.5gross to play idd do a dual sealed 10 is much power as you can through at them

Dual fully optioned fiq10 sealed in 1.5


And get another amp later to power them fully

If you push it to 2.5gross/1.5net

Idd do a single ported 10 or 2x ported 8

And some high end high powered 12 will work



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I have no way of upgrading amplificaton as the amps have been installed in a custom amprack with a bezel. I've narrowed it down to dual SA-10 or a single 12" ZV3 as they both use a 1.0 cubic feet of air space. Any thoughts on which set up would have beeter SQL and output? The reason I'm limited in air space is due to the trunk opening fo the camaro (small opening) and I have no acces theu the inside of the car due to the amp rack.

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