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Kicker ZXS1500.1


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You should get more then 250 IMO for all that

2012 Chevy sonic1xSQ HDC3 12 D2RF R1200d

140 square foot of Q-Mat(soon to be installed)

140.2Db sealed on the dash with TL

142 DB sealed on the dash with another meter (was dead on with the TL at a show i was at)

141 on music.

strangeduck,on 02 Jan 2014 - 01:39 AM, said:

when my car spins out i just put the car in neutral, turn in the direction i want to go and pucker my asshole

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I think you would be fine if you tuned to 28hz judging by my experience with a ZR1000 (also has fixed 25hz subsonic filter+I am tuned at 28hz) and the advice I was given when I asked a similar question. You would probably be fine at 32hz as well. Just stay away from that Miami Bass/Bass Mekanik type stuff! You would be fine with Decaf/PurpleSyrup though if that is what you are looking to play. That's not a bad amp and 200 bucks is a good deal for it! You should get more than 250 for all that though he is right. You can pretty easily get 400+ just for that JL 500/1 and T500 if they are the models I am thinking of.

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That amp would do fine with the sub you have. I have mine doing 2 15 in subs and it barely gets hot. But i already blew my first sub when i had it hooked up with a single 15 in a sealed box. That amp puts out some good power, and it should put out over 1630 watts.

2005 chevy tahoe

heated seats

dvd player


2 kicker 15 in solobarics

1 zx1500.1 amplifier

sirius xm radio with bose system

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