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Another noob with a simple question

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Set up my first (yes first ever) subwoofer this last weekend, and ended up grabbing a DD-1 to setup my gains properly. Prior to receiving my DD-1, I had used my MM to set the gains, and ended up getting satisfactory results, but wondered if there was room for improvement. Anyway, tuned tonight with the DD-1, headunit (AVIC-X950BH) clips at volume 36 out of 40, and with gains adjusted at said volume (36) I get almost NO bass anymore... it improves as I turn the volume up, but then door/dash speakers (factory for now) get ridiculously loud and overbearing. My question is, do I HAVE to use 36 as my gain setting volume, or can I pick something else closer to what I usually listen at?

Sub is a CP208LG (Dual 8" W3-V3 500RMS) powered by an Alpine MRX-M55... I just don't get why, with gains set correctly, I get almost zero bass now. Also, I made sure everything was set correctly on the HU, Sub level to 6, EQ flat, and LPF to highest setting (can't turn it off). RCA's are hooked to SUB out on deck. Any thoughts for a noob like myself?

If this is all the bass I can expect, I'm selling off the dual 8's and grabbing something with a bit mroe output/SPL... this just isn't going to cut it.



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to answer your question, no you dont have to use 36, but you do have to pick a max volume, tune to that, and NEVER go over it. just make sure it's under 36.

Now to help a little more, tell us what subs, amp, and the details of the box.

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Yeah. im pretty sure they dont warranty retarded people.

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Thanks, I'll tune to a volume that's closer to what I listen at... which is nowhere near 36 ha! More like 20-25. To answer your question...
Subs/Enclosure is the JL CP208LG-W3v3 8", slot ported, 500W RMS between the two. Final impedance is 2 ohm. Amp is an Alpine MRX-M55 rated at 550W RMS, with a certificate with a true rating of 613 at 2 ohm.

FunkyExpedition, I used track 1 for HU, and track 3 for setting sub amp gain. I may try using track 5 when I try again in the morning using a different volume to tune at. I know these subs/enclosure are capable of more than this, I know they're not going to be SPL monsters, but should still have a bit more output than this.

This is by NO means an issue with the DD-1, it is a very nice device. It just happens to show me my currect setups shortcommings ha!

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