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Surgery tomorrow - EKG shows no clipping lol (UPDATE: DONE!) Franken-Meade pics page 2

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It is hard sometimes to make it through life without some battle damage. You're still here. You have a family that loves you and friends and fans that stand with you and you are doing something you love. No racecar worth a hoot made it through without a few scratches and a dented fender. Steve. you have many more races to run. Congrads on kicking that lumps ass. good.gif.pagespeed.ce.REVKgma6uw.gif

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You got a little drip there Steve :shok: Glad all went well. I had something similar taken off the top of my head last year. Got the local numbing, and I got to tell you, "feeling" someone tugging and cutting on your scalp, without actually feeling it (if that makes sense) was a creepy ass experience. Take care!

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Haha... had something similar done a few months back, my lil lump was on the back of my neck. Never hurt, but everyone complained that it looked weird so Fk it. Had to go.

I think they said it was Lipoma.

I remember them rolling me back to the room, I did a few deep breaths and next thing I knew I was waking back up in the little curtain room when I got prepped for everything, all done and ready to go.

Dr. London hooked it, outta there in like less then hour.. Pretty small scar too

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