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Husky 1/2" impact gun review

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Product: 1/2" 300ftlb impact

Manufactured by: Husky

Purchased/recieved from: Home Depot


I got this guy as a cheap first impact. For $30 it doesn't disappoint. Been using it at the shop for a few weeks now and haven't had any issues with it not being able to remove a wheel lug of some sort. Quality isn't outstanding, but that's to be expected at this pricepoint. If you are a general hobbyist who needs an impact every once in a while and it's not worth shelling out a couple hundred for a good one, this is for you.

There are 3 main things to be aware of though

1. Quality control is questionable. I received a faulty unit out of the box the first time

2. The vent faces forward and has a deflector that doesn't work too well. It will spit a bit of oil onto your work/hand/rest of the gun. That is.. If you oiled it

3. The trigger is on/off. There is no modulation in it. Can make it tough at times where you only need a little "nudge"

I'll update this thread some time down the road to give everyone an idea of how it's holding up

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Well the day after I post the review, the trigger breaks and is stuck "on"

We'll see if the place I got it from honors their warranty. I've always had trouble with that

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