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F you all. My shit is all silver.


I was waiting for someone to mention this. Silver is the best (metal) electrical conductor available, but copper is a very close second. Copper was chosen as the standard because silver is roughly 100x the cost per oz. (Today, it would appear that Silver is trading at $317/lb and copper at $3.28/lb.) This is only logical. However, copper is still a compromise when compared to silver. Put that in perspective.

The only scientific method to compare OFC vs. CCA is to eliminate every other possible variable, which is exactly what Tony D' has said he will do. When you do that, you can absolutely do the math AND the real world test and arrive at similar results. Then, it will be up to the viewer to decide whether or not the money saved will justify the performance lost. The idea of wiring a vehicle with both and comparing results in some fashion is not a scientific way to compare two conductors because of the many additional variables introduced.

Finally, no engineer in their right mind sets out to design a product at which the user will intentionally handicap its performance. However, a good engineer will design fail safes to prevent product failure when that does happen (which is more often than not).

Sometimes these kinds of debates can be more productive when you're not emotionally tied to it. When you drop your guard and allow another person to teach you something, you will profit.

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Doesn't that work both ways? Opening your mind that is. A cost analysis silver vs copper is just common sense it appears, but copper vs aluminium and all of a sudden the price difference seems to be a hard fought battle, lol.

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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Doesn't that work both ways? Opening your mind that is. A cost analysis silver vs copper is just common sense it appears, but copper vs aluminium and all of a sudden the price difference seems to be a hard fought battle, lol.

The price difference between CCA and OFC is less than that between copper and silver. That probably has something to do with that argument.

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Oh no doubt. But in one instance, cost can be factored in when comparing performance. Silver is better but due to cost copper is adequate enough. Just the forming of the sentence doesn't seem fair, if aluminium is not as conductive but cheaper is it the bane of wire? I'm only looking at it logically...the argument is good one way but not the other.

Even more so, I'm actually tuned in for actual tests to compare OFC vs CCA.

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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I dont know..

I got rolls and rolls of 4704 strand 1/0 CCA for my rebuild.

It came down to running 6total runs (3pos/3neg) of OFC 4704 strand rated at 300amps @ 20feet


16 runs total (8pos/8neg) of CCA 4704 strand rated at 250amps @ 20feet.

So even if we give the OFC wire the benifit of the doubt, and say its able to transfer 900amps of current, the CCA wire is still walking all over it.

I even rated the CCA wire at 200amps per run instead of its intended 250amps, giving me 1600amps of current load it can handle, again this is severely under rated.

The CCA was bought due to the fact that for the SAME PRICE as the OFC I could have so much more head room, and when I have over 1100+amps of current generated from my alternator setup, OFC just woulldnt cut it for the same price.

Keep in mind same wire manufacture, and runs will not exceed 17 feet so power handling of the wire should be slightly higher then its 20foot rating.

My main power source is my triple alt kit with DC Power 390XPs

Also noted that the rear battery bank will be massively SMALL (2 d3100s to start in the back, and 2 d3400s under the hood).

The amps are 3 Sundown 4500s wired at .35ohms each, and when I clamped current usage in the past the amps where pulling a continuous 612amps each when full tilt, with even poorer electrical (mis matched wire brand, size, lengths, and running 1 stock alt on my bracket) then what im doing in the rebuild.

Of coarse if you compare one 20foot piece of CCA to OFC, the ofc will win, but when you can get the CCA for 1/3 the cost of OFC and run 2 runs of it, it shall out perform.

Sadly I hope this dont turn out to a apples to oranges type comparison, which I feel it will, like the capacitor tests.

Lets face it, all capacitors are not the same you guys tested a RF hybrid cap vs a legit 1fared monster it looked like, but you didnt test a cheaper cap like power acoustik, or schoche. I bet those would of tested much worse! Nor did you test the caps against a small rear batter like a small xs power, or kinetik, that would of been priced the same as a legit 1 fared capacitor. After all you see people using a lot of maxwell capacitor banks that are home made because the properties of those caps making them what they are. Again all caps are not the same but you didnt test that.

So yea. We all already know a piece of ofc will out do a piece of cca, the ratings are pretty bold that even a novice user can understand that, but if you wanted to be fair with the testing you would test multiple runs of that cca which will cost much less then your ofc, and personally I wouldnt even worry about that 10% hybrid type wire, but thats just me.

If you want people to believe and follow you, you have to do all these kind of tests. You just cant say this is better then that and heres the test, when we already knew the outcomes.

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okay i guess some havent noticed what D'Amore is trying to say, is you are over paying for CCA and getting ripped off while buying it.. just because OFC cost $4.50 a foot you should pay $2.50 for CCA.. CCA should cost even less than what its selling for. with not overpriced ofc you are getting your moneys worth in value. with cca you are overpaying in value.

edit: if a Ferrari cost $500,000 it dont mean you should pay $250,000 for a ford focus.... you will want to pays what the Ford Focus is really worth and not pay more because higher end cars cost 50x of the Focus

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Thanks for the video Tony.

~Student @ D'Amore University

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Lol at all the car metaphors. Not cars.. Its wire.

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