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All i saw was a .37 ish lost on the test.

It that is true, and on, what, a 3 foot run,... to me, that is a monster loss.

Again... Just to me......

(hell, i just paid 3 digits to get me a volt, with a vcm upgrade)

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This is correct

well here is a little math i did....

1 20ft piece of OFC 1/0

500A load, loss of 1V and 500w

2 20ft pieces of CCA 1/0 (so 250a per cable)[this being less money than 1/0 OFC]

250A load x 2 (so 250 per cable), loss of 0.85V and 425w (212.5w per cable)

Tony, is this correct? or is it there more to it than just dividing by 2 when using 2 cables instead of 1?

Seems to me that 2 runs of CCA does indeed beat 1 run of OFC in terms of capacity/loss etc... price will be debatable as there is always someone that says "I got my 20 feet of XXX wire for less than you listed" (that argument will be made by both sides to prove their points about cost effectiveness.

Honestly, did anyone expect less runs of OFC to beat more runs of CCA? (assuming same size cable). But.. at the end of the day, the differences are really only relevant to those chasing tenths on the meter. You will not hear a 75W difference going to your subs when you are talking about running more than 1kw, let alone 3kw+... You will also not hear the difference of .15VDC... Your car will not care about the extra weight of the extra run of CCA... Your wallet will not likely care that you spend $30 for dual input + $80 for a spool of cable + a couple of extra terminals instead of spending $170 on a spool of cable.

If you are chasing tenths, then break out your calculator and your wallet and run whatever cable setup that will meet your current carrying needs, whether it be CCA or OFC. There are some loud mf'ers on here that run CCA and they aren't wrong for it. There are some loud mf'ers on here that run OFC and they aren't wrong either. If your cable's capacity exceeds your system's draw, and your voltage is solid, you are probably doing it right.

If you are not chasing tenths, then estimate what you need, and buy whatever you get the best deal on (or whichever will please you the most to install/look at/brag about etc..) because you just won't hear the difference.

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2006 Scion xB

2 Sundown SA12D2

Ported at 32hz

147 on non termlab (140-142 on TL)

Currently in a walled 4th @ 50hz (not metered yet)

Hifonics brz2100

Alpine Type-S Components

Kicker 300.2

Big 3 / Skyhigh 1/0 cca

Optima Blue Top

3 e8s ported at 32hz

135.1 sealed on dash @ 56hz

135.0 outlaw (I must have chosen song poorly lol)

Build log

'Brandon15zzz', on 09 May 2012 - 3:13 PM, said:snapback.png

May have been clipping but none fucks were givin.

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people are forgetting he tested with good quality and oversized CCA wire.. other CCA wire will yield different results. there is different types of CCA and some will be true gauge some undersized and some with less copper making it more expensive to run it..

not all 1/0 CCA wire will be able to handle the 250 amps that is being claimed here.. I've seen 1/0 wire kits that come with a 150a ANL fuse. if its rated at 250a why sell it with a 150a fuse?

AN OXYGEN FREE COPPER SPEAKER WIRE is far much less prone to oxidizing in the jacket close to cut ends or where the copper comes into contact with the air. Oxidation will look somewhat similar to a rust like yellow-brown color and will inhibit the wires ability to carry audio signals as it once did when new, which will in turn degrade the audio signal and make your amplifier work harder than need be and also increase voice-coil heat in your speakers which degrades audio output as well

COPPER CLAD ALUMINUM is simply just what it sounds like, an aluminum wire or wires coated in an ultra-thin layer of copper around the outside. It is important to note that BARE copper carries more current than the same size aluminum wire can. It is a testable fact folks! Remember, aluminum does NOT conduct current as efficiently as pure bare copper.

IT’S A THREE FOLD PROBLEM! 1. Consumers are buying a wire that does not conduct as much current as bare copper. (poor sound quality and equipment failures) 2. Consumers are many times getting into double trouble because a lot of these copper clad aluminum producers tend to fudge more than a little on AWG sizing, so consumers are getting a thinner than normal size wire in addition to poor conductivity, a real double-whammy. 3. Aluminum wire also tends to be much more brittle over time and can result in a short in a homes walls, or vehicles.

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there is sized cca, that blows in % of mix...

thats where youll get the dick...

Again, i dont blame anyone for running whatever.

But, like ive said a few dozen times...... Ill just run what i want,... Just like you.

either way, we are all loving the same deal.

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So only CCA comes in smaller less than oversized versions? No OFC has ever been skimpy?

not what im saying at all. im saying he used good CCA for this test. other will see different results depending on brand and quality of wire

never did i say OFC is always over sized or true gauge. just stated he used the good wire..

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