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almost walled 350z

1 DC audio 3.5k

2x DC audio level 4 m2 15" Box tuned to 32 HZ

3x runs 0 gauge

deck pioneer 4100

3x Alpine type R 6.5 components

EQ/line driver > phoenix gold eq215x

other amps

2x old alpine mrv f300 v12 amps

1 new apline pdx f4

1 classic phonenix gold MS2250 special edition

2x xs power D3400



cut cut



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This is going to be badass

Keep the pics coming. You have some balls to cut up the car like that lol. Props to you!!!!

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    • By abdc
      Here are some winISD simulations for a DC XL 12 (dual 2 ohm) subwoofer in a 1.75 cubic foot box tuned to 31hz (square port) at 2200rms at 1 meter accounting for coil inductance.
      If anything, I'm posting this for the amusement of anyone who has bought or is thinking about buying a DC XL 12 as I just did.
      How accurate to you think these simulations actually are (other than not accounting for cabin gain)?
      Any thought provoking comments or questions?

      Transfer Function Magnitude^

      Maximum SPL^

      Amplifier Apparent Load Power^

      Cone Excursion^

      Group Delay^


      Impedance Phase^

      Rear Port Velocity^

      Rear Port Gain^
    • By Jonathan Mills
      Hello all I tried to find this question already asked which I am sure it has been but don't spend a lot of time on the forum and for some reason find it really complicated to search for stuff.
      My equipment Dc Audio level 6 18 m4, Sundown Audio Scv7500.
      Question #1 What is a good setting for my low pass crossover?
      Question #2 My old amp is a Scv3000 it suffered water damage several mosfets were destroyed in the event. Would sundown be the best place to send it for repair?
      I stepped up quite a notch from the 3000 to the 7500 but its bad ass! Love the woofer I have had them all seems like and before reconing this one it was the M2 series which lasted longer than anything I have ever had. I reconned it maybe 2 months ago I probably would have never blown it but my 3000 watt amp was clipping like fu. I purchased a cheap pos oscilliscope for $60 off amazon after the recone and found out my amp was clipping by the time I turned it up to 10 on my deck. This is the reason I purchased the 7500 so my now M4 woofer could enjoy clean power.
      Thanks for your time I appreciate anybody answering this question one more time.
    • By TrillWill
      I have a 2014 Sierra crew can,  and i have listed my seats 3" higher with steel tubing and grade 8 bolts.i did this to build the best and buffer box for this truck.  I previously had 2 sundown x8 prior to me lifting the seats and i want to make something better that i can really feel. What's the best subs and what size that i can put in my truck to get deeper lows? Should i go with 4 8s, 2 10s, or 2 12s?
    • By WalledSonic
      I've been helping a buddy install a system in his 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK.  I finally have enough pics to start a build log, so I'll be loading all of them up over the next couple weeks.
      The requirements were simple: he wanted (4) 8's or nothing at all.  Silly?  Maybe; but we met the requirements and hope to be banging before the end of the year
      The stock sub (an 8x10) has 4 voice coils

      Ran some numbers in TermLab at first, but then switched the design over to WinISD.  Came up with this size enclosure:

      That router feels good man

      Went with PSI-8's with High Performance suspension for 600Wrms per sub

      We were jammin some of that good techno

      The original plan was to have a few tube ports, but I had a hunch that they were too small.  Thats about the time that Triticum came out with his port velocity calculator, and I realized the port velocities with these small ports would give me the tuning we were wanting, but also gave us almost 100 m/s port velocity (yikes!)

      Then the design changed to have a properly sized port attached to the back panel, bringing the velocities down to around 25-30 m/s

      I didnt really trust my kerf skills yet

      More pics coming tomorrow.  Thanks for looking!
    • By xpoppadaddyx
      Here we go with another build.  This one won't be as slow as the Chevy TB and I'm excited for that.  This vehicle is my work car so I work on it profusely week after week.  I am hoping to get this one done by end month so until then here are my plans.  If what you see sounds familiar it probably is, but I won't tell...🤔  Thanks everyone prematurely for the comments and hope to have some good reviews from this build. 
      Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp
      Rockford Fosgate T-400/4
      Audio Control Matrix
      Rockford Fosgate T152-s 5.25" mids
      Crescendo FT1's
      Rockford Fosgate T1D410's
      Xs Power
      Mechman OFC 1/0
      Singer Alt 
      Pioneer HU
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