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This is what an 18yr old 40oz Beer looks like - St. Ides - Happy New Year 1995

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here ya go Steve.

80 proof, never opened and worm on bottom still.

growing up i always remembered seeing this bottle in my grandparents cabinets, usually way in the back behind the cereal.

story behind it is my grandmother never believed that a worm can come in a tequila bottle so my grandpa and dad drove to either Mexico or Texas to get this. ( That's what i was always told) i just have it sitting in the cabinet. might open it one day to have a toast to old memory's to my grandpa.

has Mexico liquor bottle molded on the bottom and the numbers 8 and 7 there under it.

you said grampa used to hide his booze behind the cereal. Now that is fuckin' hilarious :D Sounds like me when i get older.

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My stomach just did a flip flop thinking of an old ass warm 40 of crooked I. That bottle was the very first thing that got me drunk way back in the day.


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Omg I drank the shit out if those back in the 90s 4 or 5 of those and your blown. I remember that they tasted better ice cold lol not cold enough that shit don't want to go down lol. And a tough hang over . That was the good ole days

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