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New Product the SMD AMM-1 Audio Multi-Meter - D'Amore Engineering (Proto pics, Finished Pics, Video, Owners Manual pg.4)

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So you can see what impedance your amp is seeing also at different frequencies with this?

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I've gotten a blowjob and picked up my iphone behind her back to see what email notification I got from smd before

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im already sold. been waiting for a tool like this to measure power factor. now i dont need to buy a clamp and a multimeter

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Tony remember Current Transformer!!!!!!!




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only thing, i wish it didnt stop its true power dyno at clipping. some/most competitors go into clipping, so this would in turn give them a unless number (not completely useless), but you get the point. it would be cool if it was possible to be able to include or omit the clipping stopping point.

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Is this quick enough at detecting clipping that you could play a song full tilt and it would only flick on the clipping light when the signal is indeed clipped?

Because that could be very handy!

I've gotten a blowjob and picked up my iphone behind her back to see what email notification I got from smd before

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I reallllllllly wish this thing had the ability to show you how many watts your amp is putting out past clipping as well. would be awesome to see both numbers (clipped and pre clipping) on each line.

also, I was at the site about to buy some meters and figured i'd pre-order this while I was at it, but it doesn't give me the option to buy or put it in my cart.

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So since it has a clipping light on it could it be used to set gains and check for clipping on an hu/source?


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^You probably could, but you might have to run the subs/speakers into clipping.

Whereas with the DD-1 you disconnect them to do the setup. Which keeps them safe.

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