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Project D.G.A.F - the SMD Tercel - 4 15" LVL 5 Walled - 16v, DC Audio 9.0k's 18v EARLY SPL results pg 28 new Podium Page 33

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Sounds like its going to be a beast. Cant wait to see that window pop off!


Pioneer DEH-80PRS
PRV 8MR400-NDY (eight)

PRV TW350Ti (6)
Sky High 1/0 OFC, 12 gauge and 8 gauge
TM Metalworkz battery terminals

120 sqft Hushmat
XS Power D3100 (6)
Singer 350 Amp Alt

Singer 320 (2)
American Bass SQL3200

JL Audio JX360/4

Crossfire XS 8K (2)

DC Audio XL 15s (6)


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Sounds like its going to be a beast. Cant wait to see that window vaporize!


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My Channel on YouTube. Check it out for cinematic-style Car Audio videos.



New 2014 Scion TC 4th Wall Build



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walling a 1991 geo metro build log http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/186995-geo-walled-atomic-apxx-18s/

Headunit: pioneer x9500bhs

Highs/Mid: pioneer

High/Mids Amp: RF p400.4

Subwoofer Box: 16 cubes tune 37HZ
Subwoofers: 2 Atomic apxx 18's dual 1

Subwoofer Amp: RF R150X2 for now
Electrical: big 3 1/0 and more to come


2000 ford zx2 walled best score 148 sealed in the kick @ 40 HZ under 1000 rms with 3 SQ sdc 2.5 15's

cone area http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/6819-cone-area-of-a-subwoofer/

4th order band pass basic http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/126478-basics-of-a-4th-order-bandpass-enclosure/

this is Torres box calculator My GUI Box Tuning Calculator Download - Updated 8/18/2012

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yeahhhh buddy.....Glad you started on this thing after we were talking about it at the shop last week. I sent you an email to WC about gettin those decals on the windows of the van also check it when you get a chance.

*** SuperSeller Status Verified *** ( http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/25829-super-sellers-buyers/ )

"kevosinn's" astro van
8 custom Sundown Zv4 18's
4 Sundown scv 6000's
CNF Distribution CNC parts
Skyhigh wire

some batteries

SMD Meters and tools used on the install

16,000 watt walled silverado build.

8,000 watt 1999 Subaru legacy outback. Build log here: http://www.stevemead...ru/page__st__60

TEAM CNF Distribution


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Look forward to seeing it at some local comps!

Several systems, several vehicles. Always changing!


2013 MECA State Champion (trunk 1)

2014 MECA State Champion (mod 4)

2014 MECA state Champion (Park and Pound 4)

2014 DBDRAG 6th place North America Finals (SS1-2)

2014 BASS RACE 6th place North America Finals (139.9)

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Love the idea of an SMD - DC collaboration!

Tuned for sure!

Those color matched dust caps are SWEET.

Can't wait to see more.

This post sent with 100% recycled electrons.
2004 BMW M3
Mechman 280A
2 - XS Power XP3000

1 - XS Power D375

500F of Maxwell SuperCaps (soon to be 1000F)

Dash mounted O-scope
Audison bitOne (Remote DRC MP)
Highs Amp - PPI Art A404
Hertz HSK130 (HSK165 waiting...)
DC Audio DC9.0K
2- DC Audio XL12m2

LEGAL             - 147.3dB @ 41Hz
OUTLAW         - 150.2dB @ 45Hz

OUTLAW         - 145.7dB @ 30Hz




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