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Looking to design a box for my subs and was wondering what kind of programs are out there and which is the best.

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I use Wind ISD Beta for most of the boxes I model. You can find it on softpedia, as the author no longer supports it. You can also download the current version at their website.

A lot of other folks use Torres but I have no experience with it. Bass Box Pro is also good but you have to buy it.

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    • By mike12
      So I have been trying to calculate my first 4th order for 2 orion hcca 10s. I have started with having a seperate sealed chamber for each sub with 0.625 cuft each and a common ported chamber of 2.5 cuft tuned to 45hz. I was just wondering how much port area I would need? Also if the airspace would be fine? Also I went for a 2:1 ratio since that was pretty common, what would be the advantage of going to a bigger ratio like a 3:1? Ive heard these subs like smaller enclosures so I didnt want to get to big. Thanks!
    • By LOWBASS
      Hi everyone im new here.
      In the past, iv used Torres to design my boxes and got someone to help me with a cut sheet because i found it hard to understand like port length and physical length and to get a final cut sheet.
      Im now downsizing from a 10cube box subs facing up port facing up with no back seats in a 2012 corolla hatch with 2 crescendo 5500s strapped at 1ohm running 2team 15s but iv pulled that out and put the rear seats back in and modified the rear seat latch to keep seats more forward so i can have more room for a box big enough for my 2 subs.
      I know my space is smaller but iv also got dc xl 15s as well and was thinking if i can at least use them with one 5500 in a good box design to suit.
      My car is a Toyota Corolla hatchback dimensions are as follows 37width x 21.5height x 23.5depth ould like tune @ 31hz and between 12-16 like maybe 14 port per foot if that will play wider frequencies and 100+ port area.
      Iv had a few goes on Torres and couldn't get more then 96port area and 15.87per foot @32hz as you can see here.
      I would like someone to chim in or a few ideas as i know you guys that are on here are very experienced with box building and help me with a design and a cut sheet with subs up port up or subs up port back whatever you think will get me pumping again.
      The bottom one not the torres one someone made for me but i wanted to know if that with port opening going from 5'' to 2.5'' is right i was abit concerned about that also no info on port per foot so i didnt want to build that yet but they are the 2 iv got so far.

    • By Deeeznutzhertz
      I'm building a 6 cubic feet enclosure for Two DC XL15 m2.1’s what port size do yall recommend
      wanting to figure out the port length plus cubic inches of port opening 
    • By ChevyBoy95
      Probably going to be rebuilding to a series 6th. Issue is, no real T/S on my current subs (B2 XM v1 15 d0.5's)
      For those who have experience with series 6ths or know a thing or two, feel free to chime in. 
      REAR - 13.6 @ 28Hz (138sq in of port)
      FRONT - 18.98 @ 58Hz (511sq in of port)
      Power is 2 12k's (not ran full tilt though, too much power, assume 4kw per sub) and they have like 60-70mm p2p excursion. Goal is to play down to 25 with authority and annihilate low 30's and play up to about 45-50

      I want the baffle flat (loading 90+ lb woofers in a flat wall SUCKS). I can also get more volume, but would like the keep the width and length to 49 for the sake of MDF comes as 49 width pieces (makes making it easy)
    • By Kraken
      So I'm trying to design a box for my 2 zv3 12's, i have installed 2 bucket seats in the rear of my 02 chevy pickup, and things have changed a ton in that truck since i last posted here. I plan on doing 2 zv3's in a ported box in between the 2 seats, almost like a tall center console. i found a 3D model of a zv3 12 on a different fourm, but i cant get the person to respond with a link to a download. Im just trying to get an accurate look of the box, and also having a model of the sub would be cool
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