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10 / 12" Line "Below" E Series ?

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I started talking about doing this line back in November on Facebook then on CACO. I decided to take it all the way to the prototype phase -- this is what I came up with so far. We are talking $60-70 MAP on these from a dealer :)


Here are some initial photos of the FIRST rough prototypes. I am essentially testing for ruggedness and for the soft parts and coil being what I want first. The motor will likely increase in OD a bit if I can't get Qts down with other methods but I started small to ensure we aren't wasting any costs on making it too large off the bat. Had to get a feel for what % I would be off compared to FEA to go from there.

If we go to production the frame itself will have the vents removed -- for the prototypes they are plugged. The finish of the motor will also be a bit nicer but not to the point to increase cost to the end-user. The look from the front is pretty well final. The motor is alot deeper than most in this class to support some legit levels of excursion as well.

10" Model :





12" Model :





And finally... the video I took this morning of the 10" prototype :

The 12s were separated in transit but I should have them soon. This level of excursion is not something you will find on most drivers in this category. We are looking at ~1.6-1.75" peak to peak or so in the video at the highest level (1.25" p-p is linear). There is 2" p-p before coil bottom -- I haven't gotten brave enough yet to push it past where I did in the video as we were getting a bit of mechanical noise at that level. It's still a new prototype and I'm enjoying it a bit before possibly tearing it up =)

I think we are REALLY close with this sample... Qts is a bit high for what I normally like to see but I want to do some real listening tests before making a call on that one way or the other.

- Jacob Fuller

- Owner, Sundown Audio

- Sundown Audio on FACEBOOK

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I saw this on facebook a few days back and I really like the idea! Do you have any idea on when they will be available yet? I know It'll be a while yet but i'm just wondering. Maybe something like this will finally get all the kids trying to enter car audio to start with a good brand and hopefully away from the mainstream. Also i'm diggin those push terminals. I like how they're done.

Edit: read the post twice and it answered my question lol

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very nice movement!


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I am already working on a few revisions for prototype round #2 -- now that I have a base point to see how much the BL varies compared to FEA I can dial it in some more. I also have to be very careful not to break the cost goals as I am very set on selling them for the $60-70 range. It's quite the challenge trying to squeeze out the performance I want in this price restriction -- but so far pretty fun !

- Jacob Fuller

- Owner, Sundown Audio

- Sundown Audio on FACEBOOK

- Please DO NOT PM ME -- use my email address -- [email protected]


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Awesome man! I really like what my 2 e12s can do :) hopefully you can get where you want with this, and I'm sure if you do it'll be perfect. I assume these would be by far the best entry level budget woofers on the market.

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How will they do sealed? Got a build coming up in a few months that has about 500-750w to play with and sealed is probably the way we will go.

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looks like a nice mid for my doors ;)

laughable. 6in+ depth in a door?

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