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I know ive sort of have asked this in a way before BUT i need help deciding

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Ok SO i already have 2 level 3 15s as some of you may know but i want to get some more beefy/bigger subs i am looking at an XL 18 M2 and i was going to put it in 12.3 cubic feet tuned at 29hz now i know 12.3 sounds way WAY to big but heres the catch i have a really small amp ot only does 1200rms at one ohm i am going to get dual 1.4 ohm coils so i can wire at .7 ohms so i might get 1300-1500 out of it the level 3 15s are in 6.2 cubic feet tubed at 33hz the XL will be in 12.3 tuned at 29hz i was thinking about getting some medium but not stiff spiders to keep it from flapping all over the place and bottoming in that box but its only 1500rms going to a 2200rms sub so in your guys opinion what could be louder now lets say the box the 2 level 3s are in isnt exactly a top notch box but the XLs box would be a much better and lets also say maybe if it isnt going to be louder now, will it be when it gets full rms? i was planning to get 2 in the future but thats a while from now...

Sorry for the really long story there just alot to describe here lol hopefully i made some since here! :)

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Priorities get yours straight.


01 focus se

110 amp alt

Big 3 sky high and stinger hpm ofc 1/0

Super start platinum AGM (starting)

2 runs of 1/0 Execution audio front to back

Kenwood double DIN DDx271

A pillars- orion 4" super tweeter and 2-1" alpines.

Orion xtx 64 in the front doors

2:1 4th order bandpass

Sealed off trunk

Digital designs deadener on roof/ rear deck

Orion hcca 12s (black coils)

Orion xtr3700.1

Orion xtr250.2 mid/highs

All sky high 1/0 in trunk dual runs(power/ground)

Sky high dual 1/0 inputs

2 xs power D3100 in back

Sky high batt blocks

Rose audio batt blocks

Stinger volt meter

All sky high 1\0 fuse and holders

Db link remote/ rca

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