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I guess Mr. Brocks has been having problems with people swiping batteries off his property. He rigged up an alarm to one and waitd....sure enough, they took the bait! This isn't my video but most of you know him, if not, hit up his channel and ask - there is more to this story. Turns out they dumped the battery and then called the cops on HIM for chasing them down. They didn't know it was all on video. Check it out

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thats a big fookin van!

I hate bastards like this, i haul scrap on the side for extra coin and i get randomly pulled by over by cops cause thieves like this steal batteries wire and metal.

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In some countries when someone is caught stealing they cut the hand off.............just saying lol

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Pioneer DEH-80PRS
PRV 8MR400-NDY (eight)

PRV TW350Ti (6)
Sky High 1/0 OFC, 12 gauge and 8 gauge
TM Metalworkz battery terminals

120 sqft Hushmat
XS Power D3100 (6)
Singer 350 Amp Alt

Singer 320 (2)
American Bass SQL3200

JL Audio JX360/4

Crossfire XS 8K (2)

DC Audio XL 15s (6)


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Nothing worse than a thief.

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Thanks alaskanzx5 I might just do that
I can recone a sub myself. About a year ago I took 2 12" power acoustic mofos and made one sub. I took the magnet and the motor off of one and j b welded it to the other motor and magnet. I had to wind my own voice coil so it would work. After I was done hooked up to 2 boss 5000w amps. And shattered my back and all my side windows

came to this thread to recommend soundqubed and ct sounds. OP goes with soundstream.

oh lawd.

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