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Officially Introducing the NEW DD-1+ (Distortion Detector PLUS!) (pics, video)

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Introducing the newest, latest greatest tool in our lineup. The DD-1+. (EDIT: NOW IN STOCK!)

Available now @ wcCarAudio , Amazon , Ebay, Sonic Electronix, Droppin Hz and more!

The DD-1+. It is not the "DD2". It is "Plus" because we are not phasing out the first model at all. This is just

the DD-1 on steroids. It has more features and a digital readout :D
Here are a few bullet points -

* Sets audio system gain overlap, continuously variable from 0.0dB - 15.0dB in 0.1dB steps
* Checks gain overlap of an audio system without making any adjustments to the existing settings
* Verifies that the gain overlap of an install hasn't been tampered with after install
* Features our Patent Pending Distortion Detection system plus digital microcontroller and our proprietary firmware
* 200V maximum input (same as DD-1 HV)
* Quasi-RMS voltmeter (can detect clipping at any frequency)









Want to know how it works? Check out this video.

Wondering what to do with your old DD-1? I say Keep it! They aren't discontinued! If you would like to upgrade though, i am offering a $49.99 trade in

discount. This is for unit's in good working condition and still in decent cosmetic shape. I suppose as long as it doesn't look

like a truck ran it over, i will consider taking it in. CD's, Manuals, and Probes aren't necessary as i know those won't be in

the best shape from normal use.

Please email us at [email protected] , put DD1 TRADE IN in the subject....and let us know you are planning on sending in your original DD-1. Send it to us with your name, email address and phone number to contact you. We will invoice you separately with the discount and put you

Also: i am offering free upgraded expedited shipping. You pay for basic ground, i upgrade it to 2nd day on me! get it faster!

thanks for your attention!

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You guys keep putting these products out and come up with new ideas so fast. Is Nikola Tesla secretly working with D'amore? lol

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check out the wcCarAudio website (click my banner below) - i have some combo deals including the new Grand Slam (with and without a protective case). I also added a couple "triple play" deals.

I am going to add some more "double play" type combo's tomorrow. I realize a lot of you have this, but not that...or 2 of those and need 1 of these (etc) :D

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picture this...someone pulls up to your shop (or garage). They complain that they keep blowing up tweeters or woofers....or whatever. You plug in the new dd-1+ and probe the outputs. Without even touching his system settings, you can see what his overlaps are set at already. Don't be surprised if you probe a problem system and find someone +22db over and wondering why they can't keep a tweet :D On mids/highs i normally wouldn't want to be to much over 5db of overlap. So you fix him up, and record the NEW overlaps (say you chose 4db). Write that down and next time he shows up, you can probe it and see if anyone f#cked with the settings. If it says 8db, you know his "buddy" helped turn up the volume for him (aka turned his gain up). Warranty voided. :D I might include some round stickers to go over the gain pot so when you are done you cover them up and avoid temptation :D

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Money management 101


Life budget

Hobbies budget

D'Amore products budget. Because you guys churn out so many shiny new toys I don't know what else to do LOL

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Shops will obviously greatly benefit from this.. but the " Quasi-RMS voltmeter" function is sweet.. I get curious sometimes :shrug:

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