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Officially Introducing the NEW DD-1+ (Distortion Detector PLUS!) (pics, video)

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hey Steve, can i trade in my DD-1 and get a SMD triple play (amm-1) and just pay the difference

sure can. Just email us we will deduct the discount and give you instructions on where to send your's in at. Like i said, if you don't want to right now (and be out your dd-1) then just wait. I plan on keeping this deal alive for a while.

All SMD products available here! http://www.wccaraudio.com 

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got to love those pioneer head units. they like to play clean way up there in volume.


2 t2d4 15"

1 t600.4

1 t400.2

1 set p1 tweets

singer alt, tons of wiring, smd vm-1, 80prs, back seat delete, still in the works, aiming for a 145-147 with the ability to play 25hz up to 50hz.

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So will this one be priced more than the DD-1? Or will the DD-1 be reduced and this one replace the original price of the DD-1?

Edited by SICKSPD

09 Challenger R/T (Audio system under construction):

  • Pioneer AVH-X4500BT (PAC RP4CH11 harness)
  • (2) Sundown Audio SA-8v2 (inverted)
  • CT Sounds AT1400.1D
  • XS Power D3400
  • 40 sq ft. Audiotechnix deadener
  • 1/0 Audiotechnix wiring
  • stock Boston Acoustic 7 speaker amplified system (for now)
  • Sealed trunk enclosure

Build log:




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I want to trade mine in also. I'm such a noob though, I still don't really know what gain overlap is. Would someone be able to explain or link me to some info? Steve a while back I mentioned that I had 3 smd products and you said you will work something out on the 4th. I plan on getting a om-1 when I get the dd-1+ would you still be able to work something out?

Factory double din navi unit with 30gb internal

Crescendo bc3500

DD 9512i

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Also just to clarify, by having the DD-1+ that would eliminate the need to have the DD-1HV to use on the bigger amps?

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The DD1 still can set overlap. It just depends on the track you play. Only thing is the cd that comes with it has 0db 5db 10db and 15db. If you want to fine tune it I guess you would have to download test tone tracks with your specific db overlap. So the DD1 is not obsolete.


Arc Audio Xdi 1200.6 (using active crossovers) Freaking awesome amplifier

Incriminator IA 10.1

Focal PS 130v 5.25 (doors)

4" Faital pro Neo (kick panels) 

3" Faital pro Neo and focal tweets( dash)

DC Audio level 3 12"  custom box designed by joex built by me

AGM front, XS 750SE batteries rear

DC 180 alt

99 Toyota Tacoma extra cab


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Introducing the newest, latest greatest tool in our lineup. The DD-1+. Finally, the official release date is set for March 15th

2014. I am opening up the presale now though! http://www.wccaraudio.com/smd-products/smd-tools/smd-distortion-detectors/smd-distortion-detector-plus-dd-1.html Actually, i have 13 units available. First come first serve on those! If you do order and do NOT get one of the first 13, don't worry, your money is safe and your order will process. The first 13 will ship MONDAY morning!

The DD-1+. It is not the "DD2". It is "Plus" because we are not phasing out the first model at all. This is just

the DD-1 on steroids. It has more features and a digital readout :D

Here are a few bullet points -

* Sets audio system gain overlap, continuously variable from 0.0dB - 15.0dB in 0.1dB steps

* Checks gain overlap of an audio system without making any adjustments to the existing settings

* Verifies that the gain overlap of an install hasn't been tampered with after install

* Features our Patent Pending Distortion Detection system plus digital microcontroller and our proprietary firmware

* 200V maximum input (same as DD-1 HV)

* Quasi-RMS voltmeter (can detect clipping at any frequency)









Want to know how it works? Check out this video.

Wondering what to do with your old DD-1? I say Keep it! They aren't discontinued! If you would like to upgrade though, i am offering a $49.99 trade in

discount. This is for unit's in good working condition and still in decent cosmetic shape. I suppose as long as it doesn't look

like a truck ran it over, i will consider taking it in. CD's, Manuals, and Probes aren't necessary as i know those won't be in

the best shape from normal use.

Please email attn: jason at [email protected] and let him know you are planning on sending in your original DD-1. Send it to

us with your name, email address and phone number to contact you. We will invoice you seperately with the discount and put you

in the rotation when the new "+" units arrive. If you don't want to send in your original DD-1 and then wait 4-6 weeks, i

understand! just wait till we have them in stock, the offer will still be good.

thanks for your attention!

I will be doing this once they go in stock, you said the offer for trade in will still be good, I cant complain for $50 to get this beast of a machine, having the ability to see gain overlap on peoples systems that wern't set yet is fucking awesome

I want it cause it has a screen on it and red is awesome ha ha


nevermind, I understood it wrong, I thought it was you trade in your old one and pay $50 and get the new one, not trade in your old one and and pay $200, will keep my old one I guess :'\

Edited by dereileak

2006 Mazda3 Hatchback Black 5 Spd Manual
Pioneer 4300DVD
2 Sundown SA-12 (34hz Tune, 3.22 cubes, 14.5 inches per cube, Triple Baffle)
Kicker 10ZX2500.1 (2845 RMS) Sub Amp
Kicker 11ZX650.4 (705 RMS) Mid Amp -- (3 Amps)
Kicker KQ3 Active Crossover
Kicker KQ30 Equalizer
Kicker 09QS60.2 Components (Woven Carbon Cones)
Kicker 09QS65.2 Components (Woven Carbon Cones) - (3 Sets)
2/0 Gauge Electron Beam Technologies (3 Runs, 2 +, 1 -)

1/0 Gauge KNU Kollasal Flex (1 Run for -)

300 Ft Kicker X-Series 16 Gauge Speaker Wire
XS Power D3400 (Rear)
XS Power D3100 (Front)
Singer Externally Regulated Alternator (Being Built)

+ The Love for Car Audio and BASS <3

UBL Build Log <------- Click Here-------> Normal Build Log (For Comments)

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