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Officially Introducing the NEW DD-1+ (Distortion Detector PLUS!) (pics, video)

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When the red light turns on for distortion is when it does the overlap. Its not the dd1. The dd1 you used a tone to set the overlap and when it went to distortion you turned back till light off. Dd1+ when it hits distortion and you press the overlap button, you are essentially doing the same but without a tone on a disk. Cant set overlap without the distortion light on. When the light comes on thats distortion at 40hz 0db. When you hit the button you can go to -15db. I did -5db on my amps

Ok so it is normal then for it to have to see distortion, then hit the read button to set the overlap.

How accurate is the Audison Bit ten clip lights, if anyone knows....

now about the blinking light on the DD1+ anyone know??

Thanks man

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So I got my triple pack aboot a month ago . I am very pleased with them... I use them all the time.. How ever I have had some issues with my dd1+.... Now I know for sure one set of my probes isnt allowing me to read correctly but I'll take it apart fix it up...

But anyhow... I notice on the new Kenwood 571 when I am trying to get the distortion point , it randomly blips red as I'm turn it up... And then I can't find the Max point..I'm unsure what it means... I also have tried to set an overlap and it won't let me do it until its seeing distortion, rather then turning it back 1notch to undistorted.. Is this normal...

What does "inf+ db " mean. It had this read out yesterday when I was setting up and audio control unit

I am sure I am diken it up somehow... instruction are pretty simple , and they don't really tell you much other then how to use them.... I have been watch Steve's videos on how to use them and some other I have my angles covered.. Just sometimes something are frustrating any help would be awesome thanks guys

Did you get your questions answered?

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So does this mean refurb DD1s are going to be hitting the site, because of the buyback and all? :)

X2 I'd have a couple just to have them

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