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Done yet!!!?? :peepwall:

I have heard that phrase before lol. I want to try and get the wire started this weekend. I will pull the door panels off so I can replace a winder regulator and motor. Then finish putting the box together cause of that dumb move lol.

I might be done before you :)

:jon: That was LOW!!!!

I have less work on this one than you :roflmao:

Well if the honey do list and scroll don't stop me anyway lol

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The box volume does affect the length of the port,

With the volume at 1.7 and 12 inch port the tuning will raise to 39.95hz

at 1.9 cu ft and 12 in port-37.64hz

at 2.0 cu ft and 12 in port - 36.62 hz

below are examples of how the lengths change with the volume.

I hope i'm not confusing you lol sorry if i am.





2000 Furd Ranger supercab 4x4


welding wire throughout the truck

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Juicebox in stock location

8 Banks of maxwell supercaps

2 American Bass Vfl 1100.1 wired to .35 each

2 Fi Audio Sp4 18's ( the DD sc 9918's smoked)

Pioneer radio with Soundstream PA mids Powered by a nice sized soundstream 2 channel

It's pronounced (dain-ja rain-ja) :ph34r:


2001 2 door focus

1 DD9918 SC 

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I think you're fine, especially with who designed it, I'd stay the course buddy. Build on my friend!

Thanks bro. I will be back on it Monday I hope. After yesterday with my boy and today. With the other projects going on it will be then before I can touch it again if I'm lucky.

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Now that's a nifty bit of toolage there!

Box work looks great sir.

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