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scotch drinkers come inside


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250 bucks is a cheap bottle of scotch? Really?


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Honestly yes and no lol. Once they hit $300 the prices sky rocket lol. But you can get really nice scotch for that price.

Idk what the laws are on shipping liquor but I can get you a bottle of The Balvenie 21 year for around $200. Our state minimum is $219 but we got the bottle by mistake so I could get it a tad cheaper

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The Balvenie is good!! I've always liked the 12yo single malt. Has a woody flavor with hints of coconut and cinnamon. Good shit imo.

Edit: correct name is The Balvenie 12 yr DoubleWood. Price wise its cheap off the net. like $57. 30YEAR is great as well but alot more expensive haha.

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I am a scotch drinker have a bottle of glenlevit, Johnnie black and Johnnie blue . Johnnie blue is super smooth mmmmmmmm mmm good. But if I had the money for for mcallen like 20 25 yr they make some of the best scotch.

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Dude this is the best scotch blue label right here...


Always been a whiskey fan myself..at $250 I mean your likely not getting anything extraordinary. Get em one of those gift sets with the free glass inside haha.

Try to find out his favorite and get that. Or a higher end version. If hes a aficionado, youd hate to get him something and hed be like omg this is noob scotch..

Dig around for some insider info ask your sister or ppl that are close to him.


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I think you might be surprised at what he normally drinks vs what your looking at. My grandpa loves his whiskey and has more then a few expensive bottles...but his go to bottle and what he drinks almost daily, VO. Plastic fucking bottle...and he has more then enough money to drink more expensive bottles on the daily. So I think your best bet would be to have your sister pry a little..maybe look at some in a store with him. As for me, I have no recommendations, like kylar said my palette is too young or just too cheap for me to ever tell you the difference or pick up hints of coconut..

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Tried some johnnie black. Very Oakey. Good and smooth. What did you decide on n8?

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