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advice for car audio noobie

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Hi im new to car audio and would like some advice on putting together a system. I would like to have 2 500w rms sundown audio e 12's. I am not sure what amp to get for them and would like suggestions on one that will power them to there full potential. I was thinking about buying http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_65557_Ground-Shaker-GSP-2-12-BLACK.html for the box. Any suggestions?

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you wanna piss people off and really get no help, keep bumping every 1.5 hours

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I would suggest you build a box. If you have the tools it's only 50ish in materials. And any good 1-1.2k amp would be fine

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2000 grand prix gtp: SOLD My Home Theater Build (working progress) 2002 accord coupe

subs: 2 soundqubed hds300 12s 4'1" towers tuned to 29hz sub: AQ hdc3 12

Amp: pioneer gm9061 amp: poineer gm9601

headunit: kenwood kdc 255u mids: SQ pro mids

midbass: polk db 8s highs: stock

mids/highs: shitty off brand

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You can build a box that will be 100000000x better then the one you linked for the same amount.

As for a amp and not knowing how much you can afford use a soundqubed 1200, Rockford fosgate prime 1200. Also look at C2 audio they may be a choice to.

If you need help with a box design post your max LxWxH in the subwoofer/enclosure section and give it a couple days. Some one should be able to help there

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2012 Chevy sonic1xSQ HDC3 12 D2RF R1200d

140 square foot of Q-Mat(soon to be installed)

140.2Db sealed on the dash with TL

142 DB sealed on the dash with another meter (was dead on with the TL at a show i was at)

141 on music.

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Both of those amps look great. Is the soundqubed worth the extra cash? I am going to measure my trunk and post the specs to see what kind of box designs I get. I dont have the tools to cut the mdf but I know lowes can make the cuts in store

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Don't let lowes ir any large chain store make ur cuts for you. Guaranteed to be off. They get paid by the corporate hour and their free "service" is designed to make cuts quick, not accurately. Personal experience with multiple stores.

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Vehicle: 2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD WT

Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-

Mids/Highs: Focal Integration ISC 165’s (front) 

Subs/Amps: TBD

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when i went to home depot i had them make my big cuts. they did a awesome Job! talked to a kid about my age. we were joking and stuff And he actually pointed out a mistake i made in my dimensions. some old guy who hates our kind will most likely be no help. but i don't have a bad thing to say. plus running a full sheet of mdf by your self on a table saw sucks! just unsafe!

I'm sure you Can find a circular saw on your local craigslist for $20 it just needs to have a Sharp blade, and something to cut the wood with. if you have your local shop make the big cuts for you and pick up a cheap circular saw you Can do the rest your self. sheet of mdf $35,nails $6, glue $5, silicone $2, circular saw $20 doing the work your self instead of having a crappy prefab... priceless!

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jvc deck

stinger 1800 front

hc 2000 kinetic rear

2 runs of 1/0g

big 3/4

ct 60.4

2 ct 1400.1

ct EXO 15 d1

lots of deadner

type r comps front stage

6 kicker tweets rear stage

lots of great stuff

coming soon

ho alt

more bats

ct comps for front stage

more deadner

sweet amp rack

lots of L.E.D lights

new deck (thinking 80 prs, or flip out)

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