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So . . . This Guy Calls Me Today And . . .

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. . . he tells me he has voltage present on the frame of his Land Rover Discovery when he disconnects the battery. After determining that the battery was the only source of power in his Discovery with the key off, I'm like, "Bro I've been doing this a LONG time and I've never seen that." While he's explaining it to me, I interrupt him and ask, "Can you tell me how you measured that?" Here is his answer:

"I connected my test light to the battery negative post and then touched the probe of my light to the frame. It sparked and the light lit up!"

Who's smart enough here to tell me what's really going on? [Yes, I already know and explained it to him.]

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My guess is: He disconnected only the negative terminal on the battery. When he connected the test light, it completed the ground circuit and lit the bulb

That is a funny story though

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The wire on the probe would burn up rather quickly with that many amps trying to travel through it to start the engine.

And that was in 2 mins instead of 6, so even quicker..to be wrong..

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I've gotten a blowjob and picked up my iphone behind her back to see what email notification I got from smd before

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that was my first thought as well

or pop the bulb

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Nothing. It would be no different than connecting the test light to either battery post. The light has so much internal resistance I'm not sure it would even allow the starter solenoid to engage, let alone energize the starter and power all the other electronics

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What if "this guy" is the member of SMD in here? That'll be funny, haha.

What if he's you? :peepwall:

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