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4th/6th order band pass designs for 4 DC XL 18"s tuned at around 26-32hz please?

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Can anyone please shoot me a design for a 4th/6th order band pass that's for 4 dc XL 18's tuned at anywhere from 26-32hz and I need it to be 24 cubic feet (full sized for 4 18s) (6cubes per sub) and space is not an issue matter of fact it's going in my basement for a little while. Lol thanks ahead of time :)

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I think you're very confused lol you asked for a band pass and then asked for the design to have the specs of the subs in a ported wall. If you want a band pass design, the manufacturer recommends specs won't come into play and you sure as hell won't be happy with a 4th order band pass tuned to 26-32 lol

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