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Just wondering if anyone and where everyone gets their clothes online, It seems that I would have to do that to get the clothes I would like, only place I really have where I live in Tn is a super Walmart and a TJ Max that's horribly understocked.

I know of Amazon, but they don't seem to have what I'm looking for.

Looking for unique stuff, Jackets, Shorts, Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Normal Sneakers. Out of the ordinary clothes, Like normal sneakers with steel toes or composite toes.

Places where you would get specialized apparel, Hunting apparel, Tactical, Work specialized / Heavy Duty, Casual and comfortable clothes..

One article of clothing I'm looking for would be a normal zip hoodie lined in, I think faux fur, Its Fox's racing hoodie made for men called fox sasquatch, most comfortable hoodie I've ever come across, I'd still have it also if I didn't loose it. I think it would be cool to just be able to purchase the bare hoodie with no logo, So I could put something on it.

I want to call this rugged cool looking apparel but its real name is fashion.

Normally I don't particularly care what I wear, I just put on what what I normally wear year round, Jeans, and a short sleeve. with a jacket from up north, Although the jacket I have from up north is clearly not needed here in TN during the winter months. I just wear heavier shirt, As I adjust to this weather I'm sure I'll feel different about the weather.

Throw out some brand names that's good.

Looking for anything and everything in between.

Even performance jackets and gloves, boots.

Just post some websites you think would be good.

Some pictures of the hoodie I mentioned.




EDIT- Added Pictures of hoodie.

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Depends really on brand youre looking for rather than style. I wear alot of alpinestars, metal mulisha, and other brands of riding/motocross so I go to motosport. Com or sportbiketrackgear places like that. I also wear alot of guy harvey, reel legends, columbia, costa del mar stuff which is all fishing/outdoors clothing brands that I buy at bass pro or bells.

edit: I used to have the fox hoodie you're talking about and it is the sasquatch I bought online at motosport

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For more urban clothes (say as bran names for teenagers or you know what I mean), go to If you want like vans or other Levi's or stuff like that, go to If you want everyday work clothes / or casual Kirkland tees / jeans, If you want polos or shit cheap, tj max or Ross

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The jackets you posted would most likely bee on

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Seems to be quite warm! Colors and prints are pretty as well. Will buy them for sure for winter breezy mornings. Already using jackets and Legging for gym since a long time. No complaints regarding the perfect fabric of apparels available online. My cousin also shopped tees and travel bag from Nike which was outstanding.

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