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Noob test: How many of you think a modern battery can be discharged from sitting on concrete?

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Sitting back, waiting for the "run your power wires seperate from your signal wires" guy.....

That's urban legend

But you shouldn't run your power and RCAs along concrete, that's fact!


lol.. i shot my kick start outta my nose when i read that...... lulz...

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Sitting back, waiting for the "run your power wires seperate from your signal wires" guy.....

And whats wrong about this?? It may be more precaution then anything else, but there is electrical noise in electonic systems. It is comonplace to shield signals and or keep them apart to ensure that any noise isnt picked up..

Try running some coax rcas and strip all the shielding off and leave just the conductor and see how noisy it gets.

It may be a practice of precaution, and in many peoples car it might not make a difference, but it makes perfect logical sense. You dont have to run fuses either, but you do it anyway just in case.

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Historical Basis

You see, the myth that concrete drains batteries does have some historical basis. Many, many years ago, wooden battery cases encased a glass jar with the battery inside. Any moisture on the floor could cause the wood to swell and possibly fracture the glass, causing it to leak. Later came the introduction of the hard rubber cases, which were somewhat porous and had a high-carbon content. An electrical current could be conducted through this container if the moist concrete floor permitted the current to find an electrical ground. The wise advice of the old days to "keep batteries off concrete" has been passed down to us today, but it no longer applies because of the advanced technology of today’s batteries.

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