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2013 Altima 3.5 (Rockford Prime, Digital Designs, DC Audio, JL Cleansweep) **New Stuff**

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My name is Mike and this is my Altima. I started dreaming up ideas right after I got it. It does have Bose and factory HU touchscreen will be retained. I'm doing this in stages and I work slooooowww.

Here is the car.


I like to use Sketchup to visualize and fit things before I start building. So, I created my car and some different sub ideas.

This is a T-line I thought about.


Another idea 12" ported.


Another with 2 SA-8s.


So I decided on the SA-8s after hearing and seeing so many great reviews.


This would fit right into the opening to trunk with seats down.

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So I started building the box in the Fall.



Then I changed my mind and decided to do just a single 12" and switched to DC Audio subs.

Redesigned the box.


Then started modifying the box.




Decided to extend the ports a bit to give more clearance to the port in the box and I think it makes the box look better.

Glued some mdf together.


Bought myself a big 'ol round over bit for the port opening.


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Damn you are good at sketchup haha!

Plans look promising!

Funny how the people who have a louder system than you will usually give you a compliment about your setup because they know how much blood, sweat, time, and money you put into it. The people who criticize or try and one up you....have a p.o.s to no system at all and will tell you all about this "other" guys system! Saddley I'm sure if I meet this "other" guy...he will probably tell me he thinks your just as annoying as I think you are!

I'm not compensating, just proud of fabricating!

My build log: 10k center console with 4 DC Audio XL 10's powered by 2 DC Audio 5.0k amps 5 xs batteries and dual DC Power 300xps alts


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So I kerfed a piece of mdf for the top of the arch.


then decided it was going to take a lot of filler and sanding so I switched it up and used Sonotube instead. I cut a section and glued and screwed it to the top.


A little SunFlash resin to help deal the cardboard. It was 32 that day.



I skipped some pictures in between and with the hard winter we had in NJ, it was impossible to get things done since I have no garage. I have do all my work outside or in my shed.

Here it is with top installed and primered.



While this sat during the snow storms, I ordered my sub and wire and began some electrical.

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Nissan uses a fused block connected to a very flimsy battery terminal. I didn't like it. So I started planning how to add wires and lugs to this thing.


Here is the Sketchup (I told you I design everything first)


I machined up a little aluminum adapter and threaded it.


then I ordered some marine terminals and drilled out the post as it was too short and put a 3/8" stainless bolt in there.


Here it is ready to go.


Order a Big 3 kit from Tony C!


Started replacing the battery terminals and wire.




Time for charge lead and ground replacement.





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As the weather broke, I started to run wire to trunk.





ran the wire right into the spare tire well. Grommets.


Added some ground lugs.


See the brackets? They will attach another piece of mdf that spans the trunk. It will serve a purpose.

My car has a trunk organizer.


Hmmmm, could I use that for somethin? Yes...however, Id like to keep that intact. So, I made one to fit.


Now its fitted and the sub in place. Need to mark it for a hinge so I can access the spare. Here's how it will fit.


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Good looking Nissan. If you found a better way to get to the alternator post than i did, please let me know. I'm assuming by the picture that the 3.5 is identical to the one put in my car and engine is transverse. That L bracket thing is a great idea but are you worried about disregarding the red battery cover? I'm also in the process of switching from my fiberglass boxes to a wood box firing into the cabin. I can't fit my golf clubs in the trunk without folding down the seat.

2009 Nissan Maxima SV Super Black KH3
  • Hardwired Beltronics 955 Radar
  • Pioneer DEH-M9400BH with Stock Bose Speakers
  • Custom fiberglass HVAC display
  • Nexus 7 Tablet w/ Custom Fiberglassed Magnet dock
  • KnuKonceptz Big 3 and wiring
  • 2 Alpine Type E 10's with Alpine MRP-M500

Build Log HERE

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