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X 18 Port Area, Tuning, And Box Volume

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How many sq in of port does an x 18 need? And how many cu ft does the sub need? Sundowns website had a vivid description of the sub, but no box specs. The only thing it said was that they work in the traditional small enclosures like the sa's and the zv3's up to 50% more than the recommended volume. Also what would be a good tuning for this sub? Around 28 hz? Thanks in advance.

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We do have a full box design up on the site :


It is ~5.25 cubes after displacement tuned to ~35 Hz with ~78 in^2 of port.

You can go up or down in volume a bit, you could tune lower, and could use a little bit more port if desired.

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^^^I've pulled them all up in sketch to check everything and always have fun dissecting them.

I noticed the Zv4 12" compared to the X has more port and airspace than the same size sub. I thought that was cool to see.

Are you guys every going to post in a format that isn't Sketchup? That way someone unfamiliar or that doesn't have sketch can pull up the suggested enclosures to see suggested space, tuning, port, etc?

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