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Currently running 2 SA 15's, thinking about switching to a X 18

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I'm going to do some measuring tomorrow, my current box is 10 cuft gross, and double baffled (All the way around).. Plus once I move my battery and amp from behind my back seats I'll have some more room..

So i'd probably have to just double baffle the top piece, make some bracing inside, areo port, and maybe even invert the subs to squeeze every little bit I can..

'97 Explorer
2 Sundown SA 15's

SQ 2200D

Kinetik KHC1800 (Front)

Kinetik KHC 2000 (Back)

KnuKonceptz 1/0 OFC

130A Alt + Big 3

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Port tuning is too high for the lows !!! 37 Hz !

Try a lower tune on your current box : a longer port will reduce box volume. But it could be easy to do, and provides very good results.

black BMW X1 2.0 l 192 hp

OEM head unit, Amplifiers Audison AP 8.9 amp with integrated DSP and Ampere Audio 1200.

Focal ES 100 K in front doors, and Dayton RS 180 for midbass under the front seats.

2 SSA DEMONS 10" subs, in a 2.6 ft3  ported box. SecondSkin Damplifier on front doors, and Luxury Liner Pro for the cargo area.


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