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XBOX 360 Champs SMD (Top 3 each game)

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Im planning on figuring out a way where we can have little tournaments to see who from the SMD forum is the best at each game.  I will try and keep the top 3 in each game updated.  I will start with XBOX 360 since most of us have them and if there is enough of you playing a certain game and the best player can be determined then i will add that.

Some of us have played each other here and there but im gonna start this fresh.  Each seperate "game board" i make feel free to go in and "call out" the person who is in one of the top 3 spots.  I personally would like to see someone win 2 out of 3 of the specific game to take that persons spot on the podium.

Im off to start working on this and when ready i already know who im calling out  >:D

i will rape anyone at GEARZ OF WAR!!!

starting fresh, chrysler 300.. no subs amp nothin

I NEED HELP looking to purchase saz-1500d and 15" 1000rms subREFS- feedback/refs.. click!

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Halo 3 or Cod 4/5



i accept your challange in World at War, add me, ill be on a bit later tonite


1997 S10 EC

Whats in it

106.9 Sq.ft. Hushmat

DB Elec. 250 amp alt.


MLA Module

Alpine 9886

Knukonceptz wires

Clarion EQS746

poopy Alpine door co-ax's

Change IS Coming

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