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Since it hasn't been maintained I would just drop the pan change the filter refill the trans then Drain and refill again after some drive time. Absolutely do not pull the trans line and start the car that's a good way to end up with bad trans.

thats how some shops do it.. you just have to keep adding fluid as you drain

If you've been to a shop that does that I wouldn't go to that shop ever again.

shops that use a machine tend to clog the transmission and making it fail after a few hundred miles.. i know been there done that a few times.. my chevy truck has been sitting for 4 years. the tranny it had th400 had a major leak that would leak all the fluid within a week. that would cause it not to move when shifting to D.. i would still turn it on every weekend and rev the shit out of it without fluid and the tranny was still working after i removed it.. trust me shops who use a machine to force fluid back in the tran to flush only causes more harm. at least to transmission with over 100k miles and no service done to them.. if the tranny gets its regular maintenance like it should then using the machine is the way to go

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I constantly hear consumer, customers and technicians debate as to whether transmission flush procedures can be harmful to a vehicle and is a transmission flush good or bad for your automobile. While many mechanics and experts agree that having a clean transmission will extend the life of a transmission, it is thought by some that the flushing procedure may not be the best way to achieve a clean transmission. One common thought is that the process, which forces liquid back into the transmission in the opposite way of the normal fluid flow, could potentially damage components or block tight passageways. When fluid is forcefully pushed back into the transmission, chunks of debris can be dislodged and possibly block narrow channels or one-way valves. When new fluid is put back in, these blockages can inhibit the normal flow of fluid through the transmission causing lubrication issues.

DO NOT do it. I have been a mechanic for over 15 years, and I will say that is one of the worst things you can do to a tranny that has never been flushed. We have had people come into our shop stating that there tranny needed a fluid change and they took it to a shop had it done and now it is acting funny. THe repair usually involves a new tranny or a rebuild. My advice is find out the total capacity of you tansmission including the torque converter, go and get just a fluid/filter change and do this 3 more times in 500 mile intervals. It may sound like it will end up costing you more money but it will also not cost you a new transmission.

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